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Pouch Wash

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The antibiotic pouch kit should be like a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and used only in an emergency and NEVER as a prophylactic. Please perform this procedure in a separate vessel so that the antibiotic wash does not flow into the holding tank. You may wish to trim the plastic tip of the syringe attachment to accommodate the orpheus of  your seahorse. You can express the air in the pouch by gently inserting this tip into the opening.

Please keep refrigerated shake well before using what you need to do:

  1. First: Find someone to  help you!
  2. Second: Keep the head and gill area of the seahorse submerged at all times! You may cut the end of the tip to fit your needs
  3. Third: The Procedure should be preformed in a separate hospital tank where the antibiotic flush will not harm  your biological filter.
  • Have one person hold the seahorse upside down with the head in the water and his tail and abdomen out of the water.  He may wrap his tail firmly around your finger. Insert  the tip of the pipette into the opening in the pouch being careful not to insert it too far. (You may cut the end of the tip to fit your needs.)
  • Gently massage out any air bubbles into the pipette.
  • Remove the pipette and express the air bubbles from the pipette.
  • Rinse the tip of the  pipette with alcohol and let dry.
  • Withdraw approximately 2 ml’s of pouch wash into the pipette. The  quantity will actually vary according to the size of the males pouch. The extra large males can easily use 2 mls of pouch wash and the smaller males less than one.
  • Reinsert the tip into the pouch and gently force the liquid into the pouch and then gently suck it out. Do this twice and then release the male into his tank.
  • He may seem slightly stunned or shocked. Don’t panic! Simply turn off the lights and allow the male to rest. If you have any red shrimp he may enjoy them  at this time.
  • You may have to repeat this procedure again the following day.
  • Return him to his normal diet of  frozen mysis shrimp enriched with Vibrance  the  day after the procedure.
  • You may email ocean rider with questions, or if you are a member of the Ocean Rider Club ask them for assistance.
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