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Vibrance II

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Ocean Rider Vibrance II now with Beta Glucan!

This NO fat formula is rich in pure, fresh Astaxanthin,Vitmamins, Minerals and Water Soluble Vitamin C!! Recommended enrichment when feeding Frozen Mysis!

Great for all Fish and Inverts too!! Watch the polyps open as they feed ravenously! Watch your livestock return to high health condition! Watch the colors glow!

Storage Instructions:

Please store in a cool dark place. The freezer or refrigerator is fine, but not necessary. Because Vibrance is packaged in a bag that does not allow light to penetrate and is a dry product the shelf life is indefinite as long as the bag is stored in a cool place and kept sealed. Once the bag is opened the shelf life is approximately one year.

Care Sheet: 
TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence


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