Ocean Rider, Inc. is a Hawaiian-based seahorse aquarium that follows strict organic, "good farming" practices in raising seahorses and other aquatic life. Get Started Today!

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Ocean Rider Conservation

Ocean Rider is excited about the upcoming movie "A Different Kind of Farm". Part of the "Portrait of a Pioneer" series produced by Caroline Harding, featuring unique and inspirational individuals changing our world today. Watch the latest previews from this dynamic and fabulous series.

Ocean Rider is a new millennium Hawaii aqua-farm that follows strict good farming practices. Ocean Rider Inc has implemented a Certification and Tagging program that, at this time, applies to randomly selected seahorses purchased.

By using cutting edge technology we are able to produce a tropical seahorse that is bred for the aquaria environment. This ensures that long term survivability and a beautiful and healthy pet for the pure enjoyment of the hobbyist.

Aqua-farming can be completely ecologically responsible with tremendous benefits to the world. It is the future and it is the solution to the global problem of overfishing, habitat destruction, and unsustainable resources.

Conservation - Frequently Asked QuestionsOur seahorses have qualities that we all enjoy such as beautiful colors, low stress response to transport and handling, disease free animals, and most important seahorses that Feed-ezy on frozen mysis shrimp enriched with Vibrance.

  • Ocean Rider does NOT discharge water into the ocean.
  • Ocean Rider does NOT sell sea horses within the State of Hawaii in order to ensure that there are no accidental releases into the local waters.
  • Ocean Rider does NOT collect broodstock from the wild to sustain our breeding program.
  • Ocean Rider sells only farm-raised sea horses propagated at our facility here in Hawaii.
  • Ocean Rider maintains healthy sea horses.
  • Ocean Rider is the only commercial sea horse aqua-farm in the State of Hawaii.
  • Ocean Rider is the only commercial sea horse aqua-farm at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii.
  • Ocean Rider does NOT sell sea horses for use in TCM markets.
  • Ocean Rider does NOT disclose its breeding technology , grow-out technology, or species names of their famous sea horses for proprietary reasons.
  • Scientists consider sea horses to be one of the most complicated species to identify. Phenotypic traits such as color patterns, markings, coronet, spines, skin filaments, snout length etc., can only be used as supplementary diagnosis. True Scientists and Fish taxonomists must rely on DNA testing to correctly identify sea horse species.
  • Ocean Rider does not use GMOS or GEOS.
  • Ocean Rider is an organic aqua-farm.

Ocean Rider Inc. is a member of the following organizations

  • World Aqua-culture Association
  • Hawaii Aqua-culture Association
  • Keahole Point Tenants Association
  • Speciality Coffee Association of America
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Nature Conservancy
  • Sierra Club
  • Hawaii Farm Bureau

Soon to be Member of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association

The following individuals have visited and examined the Ocean Rider sea horse aqua-farm and can attest to the above statements:

  • Dr. Bruce Carlson, Director of Waikiki Aquarium
  • Dr. Jim Brock DVM, Aquaculture Disease Specialist with the Aquaculture Development Program, Department of Agriculture, State of Hawaii
  • Dr. Clyde Tamaru, Aquaculture Specialist, University of Hawaii Sea Grant Extension Service
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