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FAMA 2003

Horse Forum - October 2003

by Pete Giwojna and Carol Cozzi-Schmarr
from the October 2003 issue of FAMA

Dear Pete:

I need some advice. I am concerned about a suspicious spot on the snout of a new Brazilian Seahorse I recently brought home from my LFS. It began as a darkish oval around 2mm near the tip of his snout and at first I thought it was just a natural marking. He is yellow with numerous such dark spots all over his body, demolishing ghost shrimp with a vengeance, and courting the female I brought home with him nonstop.

Horse Forum - September 2003

by Pete Giwojna and Carol Cozzi-Schmarr
from the September 2003 issue of FAMA

Hi, Pete!

I heard that Hippocampus capensis seahorses are carriers of fish tuberculosis and should never be kept with other seahorses. Is that true? I’m a little worried about this because I know fish TB is a disease you can pick up from your aquarium, and I own 2 pairs of Zulu-lulus. Do captive-bred Zulus carry fish TB, too, like wild capensis? What sort of precautions should I take with my Zulus?

Kerry S.

Dear Kerry:

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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence


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