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Brazileros - Hippocampus Redii

The Brazilero (Hippocampus redii) is native to the warm waters of Tropical Brazil.

They are a delicate,slender, narrow bodied, sea horse that can reach lengths of 7 to 8 inches long when full grown. They do pair bond and are very sensitive to tank mates and changes to their environment.

We do not recommend this seahorse for beginners as they are one of the most delicate of the greater seahorses.

Ocean Rider, as well as many public aquariums, collectors, divers, and researchers around the world believe that the Brazilian sea horse wild population is highly threatened and may be on the brink of extinction.

Even though the seahorse is now an endangered species many wholesalers may try to bring in wildcaughts and pass them off as captive bred. Recommended feeding regime for the Ocean Rider ® Brazilero sea horses - is 2 to 7 frozen mysis shrimp (depending on size) from Piscine Energetics enriched with Ocean Rider Vibrance every morning and evening. This is a nutritionally complete diet that our sea horses love and is easy to use. It will ensure long term survivability, high health, brilliant colors and a happy pet! Red volcanic shrimp can be fed during the acclimation process and then occasionally as a fun treat (once a month is plenty).

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