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Is live food okay to feed my seahorses?

There is certainly mixed feelings about live food so I can only give my personal opinion. I feed live Mysis shrimp straight from the Estuary.

I am always careful where I collect them from and this has been built up from experience. I can say with my hand on my heart that I have never had a problem from a Seahorse being fed on wild caught food. I also collect other crustacea from rock pools and have a great deal of fun doing this. It is fantastic rock pooling and it is amazing What you find.

The secret is variety and this is important. To be able to train your Seahorse onto To dead food is very useful. In times of plenty I catch more than I need and then freeze it down to Feed later. 

I think the results speak for themselves; I regularly have Seahorses living to 5 to 7 Years and (touch wood) I have very little disease problems. If a Seahorse is healthy it will cope With all sorts of disease problems.

Answered by Neil Garrick-Maidment

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