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Pixies - H. Zosterae

Very delicate !! Very small!! Require the daily preparation of live artmeia!! Need to have their own dedicated tank!

Size: 1/2 - 1 1/2 inches

Color: Ranges typically from mottled brown to white, sometimes yellow, green or black and less commonly multi colored--yellow and black, polka dotted and pinto.

Life span: Wild approximately 1 year, captive 2-3 years plus.

Feed: LIVE Baby Brine Shrimp (newly hatched artemia instarr nauplii),Copepods, rotifers, various shrimp larvae such as Gammarus, Mysids, red shrimps and ghosts.

Feeding Frequency: once daily live baby brine shrimp (artemia).

Behavior: Promiscuous, prolific. Like to hitch and feed on bypassing live food. Shipping within 2 weeks!!!

Offspring: Average amount of fry from 3-30, most common around 20.

Fry: Approximately inch, benthic, able to hitch right away.

Natural habitat: Florida to the Bahamas. In the wild they often have parasites.

Tank setup: 1-5 gallons. Hitching posts and habitat such as Bonzai Ogo (seaweed). Live sand preferred over live rock

Tank mates: Very few are compatible. Tiny hermits, Hawaii red shrimp, sea hares and snails.

Water quality Parameters: Temperature: 70°F-75°F : Specific gravity: 1.019-1.022 - PH: 8.2-8.4; Ammonia: 0; Nitrite: 0; Nitrate: 0-10ppm

Feeding: Recommended feeding regime for Ocean Rider ® Pixies - live baby brine shrimp enriched with Vibrance evry day. This is a nutritionally complete diet that our sea horses love and is easy to use. It will ensure long term survivability, high health, brilliant colors and a happy pet!

Pixies require advanced knoweldge of seahorse care and are recommended only for expert tank managers.

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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence


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