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Bubble Disease

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Bubble Disease

Hi there, can you give me advice on treating a Histrix for Bubble Disease? Ive got a female and she seems to have bubble disease, floats at the top of the tank for hours, not being able to swim down. As times i place her under a "basket" and put that at the bottom, it seems to help a bit as after a few hours if you lift the basket out she seems to stay at the bottom and swim round at the bottom as per normal, even eats. But then next evening shell be Floating again. And you can se she really tries to swim down to the bottom but cant... I have treated the tank with KanaPlex but also, does not seem to be a long term solution, one day she Floats, Next day shes fine, next day she floats again?

Pete Giwojna
Dear Tina:

Dear Tina:

Yes, I would be happy to provide you with some suggestions for treating your female Hippocampus histrix. The long version of my response is much too lengthy to post in this discussion group, Tina, but I will send you a separate e-mail off list with the long, detailed version that explains everything in considerable detail.

The short version is that I would recommend pressurizing your female at depth again, as you have been doing, but then to follow up immediately with a full regimen of Diamox either administered orally by injecting a solution of the Diamox into feeder shrimp, or administered as a series of baths instead, whichever is most convenient for you. The information I provided my follow-up e-mail will explain how to proceed in either case.

I am hopeful that following up with the Diamox following the pressurization and subsequent decompression of the seahorse, as you have been doing,, will help prevent the problem from recurring.

But I will also attach a document to my follow-up e-mail devoted to the subject of preventing gas bubble disease, so you can download the document, save it on your computer, and read through the information at your convenience. It will explain some simple things the home hobbyist can do to help make their aquarium more resistant to problems with gas bubble disease in the future.

Good luck!

Pete Giwojna, Ocean Rider Tech Support

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