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Help - Seahorse with Gas in Pouch/Belly Area

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Help - Seahorse with Gas in Pouch/Belly Area

One of our gulf seahorses has an obvious inflation in what looks to be the pouch.  Until this time, we were sure that the seahorse was female.  Now it appears she is a he and has a gas bubble in the pouch.  The seahorse has trouble swimming and floats to the top.  This morning we took the seahorse out and tried the catheter approach (we have tried massaging the pouch already), but we cannot find the pouch hole.  It doesn't look like she is a he after all ?!!  Has anyone ever encountered this?

She is in a 65 gallon tank with 3 other gulf seahorses, 2 hippocampus, and 1 dwarf, then a handful of gulf pipefish. None of the other seahorses or pipefish are exhibiting any symptoms or having any issues.  We keep the flow low since we have the dwarf seahorse and young pipefish, we perform water changes 2-3 times a week depending on the water levels - which we monitor carefully.

We just received news that we can pick up Diamox today for the seahorse.  Would the best course of action be a hospital tank or should we do Diamox dips?  I received conflicting information from the vet, but he admitted he does not specialize in aquatics. 

Diamox treatment

I usually have a 5 Gal Hospital tank, and I would treat by itself.  I've known to do this and in a matter of a week or so, the pouch went down and the seahorse was eating and swimming around normally.  You never want to treat the whole tank, if only one seahorse is sick.  

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