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Revised Dwarf Set-Up

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Revised Dwarf Set-Up

Here is my revised plan:

10gal tank w/tank divider (1/2 & 2/3).

2/3 tank will have Dwarfs, cleaner snails, a micro star or two, a Keyhole Limpet, and Red Hawaiian Shrimp

1/3 tank will have feather dusters and a pair of Peppermint Shrimp, plus more snails, possiblly some Gammarrus

--also, a HOB fuge

tank (both sides) and fuge will have LS, LR & macros from Noni and a large copepod population before the introduction of the Dwarfs.

the thought here is to have the Peps keep the hydriods/apistea (sic) down on one end, with the limpet doing the long term cleaning on the other. If hydriods get out of hand on the Dwarf side, I can always switch sides for a while to let the Peps eat away. Also, Pep babies will make a nice treat for the Dwarfs.

Any feedback?

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