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Seahorse Question with Soft Coral

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Seahorse Question with Soft Coral

Hi Guys,

I recently purchased 4 new seahorses from Ocean Rider and added them to my tank. Before they arrived the tank had some soft corals, some zoanthid corals, and some mushroom corals. Also it's important to note, the tank already had a pair of seahorses. Since adding the new Seahorses most is not all of the polyps have been retracted and the finger leathers have shrunk into the defensive form.

I believe it is in response to the new seahorse's grabbing them over and over, since I cannot find anything wrong with the water parameters / the overall tank appears to be healthy.

My question is, if anyone has had a similar effect after adding a bunch of new Seahorses to a tank and if the assumption above is reasonable. Also, if so will the corals eventually learn to ignore the Seahorses in time / should I be worried about the health of the corals as a result?


Pete Giwojna
Dear BT:

Dear BT:

Yes, sir – I think that's going to be a transitory problem and that the soft corals will soon become accustomed to the unwanted attention from the additional seahorses grasping them and using them as hitching posts. At least, that's been my experience in such situations.

I will send you a document via e-mail that is devoted to the subject of "Seahorses in Their Reef Tank" so that you can download the document, save it on your computer, and then read through the information at your convenience. It's an illustrated document and you will notice in many of the photographs that the seahorses are clinging to the soft corals in the pictures quite vigorously, yet the soft corals still have all of their polyps fully extended. They have become habituated to being used as convenient hitching posts by the seahorses and remained open nonetheless, unperturbed by the grasping tails of the points.

I hope things work out the same way with your soft corals, BT.

Good luck!

Pete Giwojna, Ocean Rider Tech Support

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