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Shipping Questions

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Shipping Questions

I currently live in California but in a few months I\'ll be transfered to Oahu in Hawaii. I did read that OR doesn\'t ship Seahorses within Hawaii. Is there anyway, if I decide to order Seahorses from OR in the future, there can be an exception for me? Considering OR will be the closes Seahorse-Aqua farm I can order from. :unsure:

Pete Giwojna
Re:Shipping Questions

Dear hobbyist:

Environmental considerations preclude Ocean Rider from shipping most of their livestock within the state of Hawaii. This policy stems from concerns that seahorses sold as pets could be inadvertently or deliberately released into Hawaiian waters where they could have an adverse impact on local ecosystems if they were to become established. (Remember, a single pregnant male may be all that\'s required to establish a new colony of seahorses in the wild if conditions are favorable.) For example, the ever adaptable lined seahorse (Hippocampus erectus), whose range spans many lines of latitude and temperature zones, could flourish if released in Hawaiian waters. It is therefore Ocean Rider\'s official policy that they will not sell Mustangs or Sunburst within the state of Hawaii.

However, Craig informs me that other species whose range and requirements indicate they are unlikely to do well in Hawaiian waters may be sold there. He specifically mentioned Hippocampus barbouri in that regard. So when you move to the island paradise, you will have to forego Mustangs and Sunbursts but you may well be able to get a captive-bred-and-raised barbs instead. Contact Carol and Craig once you make the move and are ready for seahorses and asked them which species they may be willing to provide for you under the circumstances.

Best wishes with all of your fishes and best of luck with the upcoming move!

Happy Trails!
Pete Giwojna

Shipping to Oahu


I was born on the island of Oahu and I've been researching a seahorse only aquarium for about six years now. I'm in a place where I can afford to keep a seahorse only tank now. However, there's the issue of finding a seahorse farm that will ship to the state of Hawaii. Ocean Rider is just a hop skip and a jump away, but I know you guys are hesitant to ship within the state. I toured the facilities about four years ago and I was deeply impressed; it only reinforced my desire to own seahorses myself. I was just wondering if you'd be willing to provide a list of the Ocean Rider seahorses that you'd be willing to ship to Oahu? I just want t know what my options are.

Thank you so much!

JLyn 13

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