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Spikey Pregnancy

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Spikey Pregnancy

Hi Everyone,

I received my first pair of spikeys early Sept..  I was surprised how small and shy they were.  I have never had barbouri before as i've only had mustangs and sunbursts.  They have grown a little and a few days ago started brightening up to each other, yesterday the male was ballooning his pouch for her.  Today they were full on dancing!  lol.  I believe i saw the egg transfer and i'm about 95% sure he's pregnant.  After the last rise to the top of the tank they came down and serperated and went their own way and he's settled himself in hiding for a bit.  

How long is the spikey pregnancy?  i have no clue being i've only had the mustangs.  My water temp is 75-76 with the lights on 11 hours.  Thanks for any info you can give me. :)


Pete Giwojna
Dear Marti:

Dear Marti:

Ocean Rider Spikeys are Hippocampus barbouri seahorses, which have a gestation period of 14-21 days depending on the water temperature.

For water temperature of 76°F, I would estimate that a pregnancy would last around 17 days +/- 2 days. That's just the guesstimate, but once they deliver their first brood of babies, the gestation period for your pair should remain very regular under the same conditions in your aquarium from brood to brood.

I will send you a species summary for the Spikeys via email, Marti, so that you can download it, save it on your computer, and look through the information at your convenience. The species summary includes a lot more information about the natural history and breeding habits of Hippocampus barbouri seahorses, so hopefully you will find it to be helpful.

Best of luck with your new pair of ponies!

Happy Trails!
Pete Giwojna, Ocean Rider Tech Support

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