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Zulu Lulu Availability

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Zulu Lulu Availability

Hi All,

I\'ve been waiting a few years now for the H. Capensis (Zulu Lulu) seahorses to get back in stock, and having a few moments to spare found, through a search, the mention that Ocean Rider has ceased producing more numbers of H. Capensis than they can self-sustain so they can focus on more tropical fish such as dwarf angels and marine tropicals.

Now, this is a bit frustrating for me because, as far as I am aware, OR is the ONLY available source for H. Capensis. It\'s a bit baffling that they might abandon the commercial breeding of an endangered animal in favor of trying other fish breeding programs -- several of which already are well-established within the hobby (banggai cardinals? clownfish?).

Is there any chance that they might re-think this decision, or, at the very least, supply small numbers of H. Capensis to hobbyists who otherwise would have no source for such a unique species of seahorse?

I\'ve sent an email inquiry to OR in the hopes that they might rethink their decision to breed only what they can keep when it comes to H. Capensis, or perhaps find room to sell me one or two pairs. Is there any hope for my Capensis tank to finally find inhabitants? If I had known Zulu Lulu\'s would not be in stock for the forseeable future, I would\'ve jumped at the chance to get them even before my tank was ready -- I wish they would\'ve warned us of their conscious decisions if they did, in fact, want to stop selling/breeding Capensis.

I\'m still hopeful they\'ll breed more, and get them back in stock again. They are my favorite species.


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