Kona Hawaii Seahorse Tours & Farm Raised Seahorses for Marine Aquariums

Ocean Rider Supports Science and Endorses Science as a Pillar of Human Freedom and Prosperity

One of Kona Hawaii's Most Popular Attractions & Things To Do

- Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm Tours. See live seahorses and learn more about these fascinating creatures. Hawaii Trip Advisor Excellence Winner Tickets on sale for Seahorse Tours.

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Learn more about the Kona Farm Tours - Ocean Rider, America's only living seahorse museum and one of Hawaii's most popular attractions. Facility location and map

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Christian's Tour of the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm in Kona,Hawaii

Passing on conservation values.  Saving  seahorses and creating marine reserves to save our ocean. Learn more - it's Fun!

From the movie "A Different Kind of Farm". Learn more about  ocean conservation and seahorses while visiting Kona, Hawaii. Join us for the best  tour in Kona!.


Ocean Rider Seahorse farm and tours Highlighted in the Wall Street Journal

We've been been noticed! Wooh-hooo.

The Ocean Rider Kona Seahorse Farms and educational tours have drawn the attention of the Wall Street Journal. We have included the video and the article reprint featured in the August 17th USA edition.

Lisa Parnpichate says she is obsessed with collecting seahorses as pets, but her past efforts to keep the delicate creatures alive repeatedly failed. This year, she gave it one more try.