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Gigante® Hippocampus Ingens - Medium Size

Gigante® Hippocampus Ingens - Medium Size

All are eating frozen mysis shrimp!  Beautiful yellow colors. Very rare! Very special!  Sorry we just sold the last pair!!!

You might know them as Galapagos Seahorse, California Seahorse, Pacific Seahorse or Hippocampus ingens!

This Pacific giant is  the largest of all 36 seahorse species! They can grow up to 12 inches in length! They are majestic, colorful and exotic!  They can display all colors of the rainbow! The wild population once extended from Equatorial Galapagos Islands to Mexico  to San Diego and even as far north as Vancouver during El Nino years. This Pacific sea horse is on the brink of extinction and is no longer found in most of its natural home range.

Ocean Rider first offered the Certified Ocean Rider Hippocampus igens to the public in 2000. Today, 10 years later we have  selectively bred a tropical line of this majestic seahorse that prefers the same temperatures as our Ocean Rider Mustangs and Sunbursts! No need for a chiller with these tropical treats!  You will see a wide range of colors and stunning markings!

Feeding: Recommended feeding regime for Ocean Rider ® sea horses - is 2 to 7 frozen mysis shrimp (depending on size) from Piscine Energetics enriched with Ocean Rider Vibrance every morning and evening. This is a nutritionally complete diet that our sea horses love and is easy to use. It will ensure long term survivability, high health, brilliant colors and a happy pet! Live Red Shrimp can be fed during the acclimation process and then weekly as a fun treat . They will also eat live enriched brine shrimp as a treat!

Tank Mates: All our  Ocean Rider tropical  seahorse and pipefish species will get along just fine with these tropical giants (except of course the pixies!)

Weight 4.00 lbs
Care Sheet Gigantes
Care Sheet New Seahorse Owners
Price: $150.00
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