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Kona Seahorse Farm Tours @ 11:00am (Limited Dates)

Kona Seahorse Farm Tours @ 11:00am (Limited Dates)

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On this fascinating one hour tour you will learn about ocean conservation and one of the greatest ocean mysteries-- - the seahorse!! You will be surrounded by thousands of seahorses on our ocean front 3 acre farm from babies to pregnant males from Australia to Hawaii. You will have the once in a life time opportunity to allow a seahorse to wrap its tail around your finger !! The seahorse is on the edge of extinction in our ocean and is classified as an endangered species so this is a very special treat!!

Reservations are recommended to secure a spot on the tour. 

You will also see our leafy seadragons, enjoy our interactive tide pool and see the world's only 100% sustainable marine aquarium with over 20 endangered species whom are all being bred at ocean rider.

Tours are lead by Naturalists with Certified Biology degrees with special training in ocean conservation & public speaking whom are also the caretakers for over 20,000 seahorses that live here on the farm!!! You will love your tour with us! People have said that it is "live changing" and the "highlight of my trip to Hawaii"!

Due to strict biosecurity protocol you must be on a scheduled tour to see the seahorses. Please be sure to note the tour time you prefer in the comments section. We will not be shipping you your tickets. They will be held at the gift shop to be picked up 10-15 mintues before check in. All you need is your ID!

Please use this electronic invoice as proof of purchase for your tickets. We will hold your reservation and tickets in the gift shop at the tour desk. Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in, wash up, receive your tour briefing, get your name tag and sign your credit card receipt.

Tickets are available online  in advance for a slight discount  or at the farm gate the day of the tour.  

Don't forget a  camera, hat and comfortable shoes!! Tour tickets are not shipped but available for pick up only.Sorry, no refunds, no video and no flashes!! Walk ins excepted for all others!

Please check  here for directions to our seahorse  farm. Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in, wash up, read our bio security and seahorse holding rules.  The seahorse is  very delicate animal and an endangered species on the edge of extinction so please follow holding  instructions carefully.

SEAHORSE 11AM TOUR TICKET LIMITED DATES: (Monday, July 9, 2018, thru Friday, August 3, 2018). Reservations are highly recommended to secure a spot on this tour.



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