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Pixies - Hippocampus zosterae

Pixies - Hippocampus zosterae

FOR EXPERTS ONLY!! Very delicate !! Very small!! Require the daily preparation and feeding of live food (baby brine shrimp)!! Need to have their own dedicated tank! (Sorry no live arrival guarantee on these delicate specimens)

We recommend that all first time Pixie buyers start with the Pixie Special so you can learn how to keep your pixies healthy and happy!

Size: 1/2 - 1 1/2 inches

Color: Ranges typically from mottled brown to white, sometimes yellow, green or black and less commonly multi colored--yellow and black, polka dotted and pinto.

Life span: Wild approximately 1 year, captive 2-3 years plus.

Feed: LIVE Baby Brine Shrimp (newly hatched artemia instarr nauplii),Copepods,

Feeding Frequency: once daily live baby brine shrimp (artemia) in a snow flurry fashion

Behavior: Promiscuous, prolific. Like to hitch and feed on bypassing live food.

Offspring: Average amount of fry from 3-30, most common around 20.

Fry: Approximately 1/4 inch, benthic, able to hitch right away.

Natural habitat: Florida to the Bahamas. In the wild they often have parasites. Ocean Rider pixies are all pathogen free and are accompanied by a High Health Certificate as well as a Certificate of Authenticity.

Tank setup: 1-5 gallons. Hitching posts and habitat such as Bonzai Ogo (seaweed). Live sand preferred over live rock

Tank mates: Very few are compatible. Tiny hermits, Hawaii red shrimp, sea hares and snails.

Water quality Parameters:

Temperature: 70°F-75°F

Specific gravity: 1.019-1.022

PH: 8.2-8.4; Ammonia: 0; Nitrite: 0; Nitrate: 0-10ppm

Weight 2.00 lbs
Care Sheet Pixies
Care Sheet New Seahorse Owners
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