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Testimonials About Seahorse Farm Tours On The Big Island

Ocean Rider | Seahorse.com is proud of what visitor's have to say about our seahorse aqua-farm tours. We welcome you to The Big Island Kona!

Many Ocean Rider Tour Customers and Associates have sent us testimonials. We are proud of what they have to say about our seahorse tours and we would like to share their comments with you.

If you are a satisfied customer or Ocean Rider Club Member, we welcome your testimonial and encourage that you sends your comments.

Below Are Some Of Our Recent Customer Testimonials About The Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm Tours on the Big Island – Kona.

Amy and I just toured your facility yesterday 11/14, and I want to thank you for all the great work you are doing there. Your hard work to save these animals as well as the time you set aside to open your doors to us is much appreciated. I hope the efforts in your other on going projects such as the sea dragons, bangai cardinals, yellow tangs etc become just as successful. Mahalo!

Alex & Amy (United States)

I loved the tour! It was so much fun, and so great to both learn information, and get to hold a sea horse which was the best part! If I lived closer, I'm sure that would have been my job! Thank you so much for the experience, and the great memories!

Desiree S. (Pennsylvania,USA)

Kira had a fabulous time touring the seahorse farm from her cruise ship and took the time to type up a glowing testimonial explaining how amazing the tours are.

Kira VonBlon (Indiana, USA)

Hello Carol and Greg. We visited Ocean Rider last year and we were blown away by the incredible work you're doing. We're planning a trip to Hawaii in September 2015 for about 30-35 people and we would like to bring them to Ocean Rider. I'm hoping you can help me work out a date and time for a tour just for my group. Also, I'm looking for an ecologist and/or marine biologist we can hire for a day to travel with my group and be our Hawaii science guide. Considering the work you do, I thought you might be able to refer some scientists or conservationists you know who would be interested in spending a day talking to my science-loving group.

Marcella Setter (Science Getaways)

BIG GOLD STAR! Our recent visit to your farm is one I had been looking forward to for a long time. As a color pencil artist who specializes in illustrating the underwater world for its conservation, I am in awe and wonder at what you have achieved, what you are teaching and through your breeding program, the number of these precious little guys you help live out their lives in their natural habitat. Your tour is wonderful, your explanations and descriptions are full of your passion for them and the look on the faces of those who have one wrapped around their "coral fingers" is priceless. Thank you so very much for being kindred spirits!

Solveig Karina Nordwall

We took your tour last week and now we are back on the mainland. The best part of our whole trip, my daughter says, was the seahorse tour. Thank you so much! 

Monica (California - USA)

"I brought my son (age 9), and daughter (age 7) to the seahorse tour when we were on vacation in Kona and we needed something to do while my husband was golfing :-). We LOVED the tour! We fell in love with the seahorses and the guides made sure that the kids were involved the entire time - from scooping up the shrimp in the beginning to holding the seahorses at the end. We have decided to get our own seahorse aqarium at home since we have a separate reef tank and know a lot about saltwater fish care, etc. We can't wait! Thank you so much for a great day!"

Christine (South Florida)

"We have returned to Vancouver after a wonderful vacation to Hawaii and I wanted to express my most heartfelt gratitude to you and the staff at Ocean Rider for providing such a wonderful and memorable experience for my 2.5-year-old daughter (see attached photos). Dressed for the occasion in her seahorse dress and underwear, Sarah got a chance to feed the seahorses with the cups of brine shrimp, to sample seaweed, to have a seahorse wrap its tail around her finger (staying perfectly still as promised), and of course she absolutely loved the tide pools. You have really made "a wish come true" so again, thank you from the bottoms of our hearts! Hopefully, Sarah will be able to beat the grim cancer statistics and we will be bringing her back to Ocean Rider to say "Aloha!" many more times in the coming years."

Doug (Canada)

"We were more than excited to visit the seahorse farm. The Guide, and all the staff were exceptional. The presentation of various stages of seahorse life was informative and entertaining. We throughly enjoyed visiting this wonderful place and have told everyone about this Magical Seahorse Farm."

Lorraine (United States)

"Hello, I wanted to thank you for the magical experience we had while vacationing in Kona. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing and touching the sea horses. I cant wait until I have been certified to have my own! Your hard work there is contagious and educational to say the least. Thank you."

Jamie (United States)


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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence


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