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Testimonials About Our Seahorses

Many Ocean Rider and Seahorse.com Customers and Associates have sent us testimonials.

We are proud of what they have to say about our products and services, and the information we provide to help make their enjoyment of seahorses and marine life all that more fun and successful.

If you are a satisfied customer or Ocean Rider Club Member, we welcome your testimonial and encourage that you sends your comments. Send us your comments...

Below Are Some Of Our Recent Customer Testimonials About Our Seahorses.

Just wanted to say thank you! It's been 3 months & the ponies are doing great! The female is a chow hound, all she wants to do is eat. I really appreciate your work in raising healthy seahorses. It makes all the difference in the world.

Sandy S (United States)

Just wanted to let you know that my Mustangs arrived this afternoon. After acclimation they were a little quiet but soon began exploring. They haven't stopped all evening. They seem very happy and friendly.They are not sticking to the no food until tomorrow rule. They are voraciously hunting and snacking on copepods. Seem very pleased with themselves. They are beautiful and we are enjoying them very much. Thanks for your help. Merry Christmas.

Karen W. (USA)

As always, your seahorses are the BEST!!!! They've arrived and acclimated well. Thank you again, we're hoping to fly to Kona in the near future and naturally you'll be on the top of the list. 

Bryan Mathews (Washington, USA)

Hi, Just a quick note to state that my Mustang order arrived and all is well. I followed your acclimation directions and the two are exploring their new home. Thank you for the care packaging care you gave them. The heating pads were still providing heat when I opened the package this morning. Great Job!

Jack Casuso (New Jersey, USA)

My 3 ponies arrived last week, and all transitioned beautifully and are eating well, and the socializing with the others is great fun to watch. The two Mustangs have turned every color possible since arriving. And that Sunfire has some serious wow factor. I don’t know what I was expecting, but that kind of awesomeness I never imagined. That is an amazing seahorse. Thank you again! With best regards from Texas!
P.S. Pete: glad you sent the reminder how to transition, it was very helpful

Tracy H. (Austin, Texas, USA)

Thanks for your email letting me know that my seahorses will arrive Thursday between 9 and 5pm. Just waiting on a tracking number so I can keep track of them. Thanks again for providing such beautiful seahorses. I think what your organization is doing for these beautiful creatures is amazing. My heart goes out to the wild ones that are captured for the hobbist and for medicines.

Lori (United States)

I am very impressed to say the least. My mated pair of mustang seahorses arrived overnight in great condition. They acclimated well to my tank that I set up with the instructions on this website. I received more red shrimp then was advertised, and SURPRISE I unexpectedly found 32 seahorse fry in my tank two weeks later. My seahorses are happy to eat frozen mysis (even out of my hand) and were immediately inclined to eat out of my feeding dish. It's been 3 weeks and everyone is healthy and thriving. Definitely a happy customer. I highly recommend!

Christine W. (Washington, USA)

Thank you so much! The seahorses have arrived and they are perfect!!!

Holly Blachowski (Toledo, Ohio)

Kira had a fabulous time touring the seahorse farm from her cruise ship and took the time to type up a glowing testimonial explaining how amazing the tours are.

Kira VonBlon (Indiana, USA)

Aloha! I just wanted to let you know that the seahorses and shrimp arrived safe and sound. The female was a bit sluggish out of the shipping box but after less than 5 minutes of floating the bag she was up, colored and poking around the bag. Both are now very alert and poking around the bag, still in the acclimation process but looking great. Thanks for the wonderful quality in animals, packaging and shipping. Its a rare find nowadays and much appreciated.Thanks again!

Brian Hodge (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Just wanted to say thank you and Hippocampus taeneopeterus (Large Male) is a very nice specimen! He will look great in our 180 reef.  He is very large. All packaging was in great shape and arrived right on time too. Thanks!!!

Jim Dyke (Novi, Michigan}

Hi, I received my Sunburst Special today in the mail.  All I can say is wow! The happy and healthy seahorses looked great, I am very happy with them. The 10 shrimp also seemed to have multiplied in the bag, a generous surprise.  You have earned a customer for life. Thank you!

Adam (USA)

Just received a sunburst and a mustangs from your facility. The only thing I could say when I saw them was WOW! They are big and the most stunning creatures I have ever had in my sea horses tanks. Thanks.

Jennifer Lo (United States)

Aloha. I would like to tell you, as a long time admirer of your sites, and an employee of FedEx, I have been happy to see quite a few of your shipments come through. I want to assure you that anytime I see an Ocean Rider package come through the Memphis Super Hub from the Honolulu fligh, I personally carry it to the next group so it does not go onto the belt. I want these very special FedEx Guests to have the safest and least stressful trip I can provide. I appreciate the opportunity to provide you and your customers with the utmost service I can offer. I look forward to purchasing my own OR family soon and thank you so much for the work you are doing and the wonderful companions you are providing. Mahalo nui loa.

Russ (Memphis, Tennessee)

The 'Fire Red' male is indeed amazing. I never seen another seahorse so stunning. Thanks!

Louis Guarracina (Woburn, Massachusetts)


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