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    That does not exactly sound like what is happening. His pouch is fully extended even after I remove all the air. He seems fine afterwards too just floating upside down at the surface with his pouch above the water but no more air is coming out. He doesn’t even swim much just floats in 1 corner of the tank

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    Do you have any suggestions that have a sump underneath? Hopefully with a refugium space.

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    So unfortunately I lost that one. After doing more research I think I caught it to late. I started treatment with seachem metroplex and focus both mixed in the food then soaked in garlic guard.By the very next morning she was gone. However now my male spikey is starting to act the same way. Lethargic and not moving much and swimming awkwardly. Kind of slowly wobbling with its tail fully extended. He also has stopped eating. There are no white spots yet however. I moved him into a hospital tank which is just a bucket with an airline and a fake plant. However even with the garlic guard he is not eating. Any help?

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    Currently there is a good protein skimmer as well as a 3 stage canister filter returning to a spray bar in oder to generate some additional movement in the water. With these I have found I do not need a seperate powerhead. There is also about 50lbs of live rock as well as a sand bed. So far I have several different gorgonian corals and sea fans as well as kenyan trees and a zoa colony. After the crazy diatom bloom I had a while ago I added 30 astrea snails but diatoms and algae have been under control now for quit some time.

    The the 2 captive bred tigers tail I have are still very small. Maybe 2 inches but are doing great. I am looking to add a couple more of a different kind soon. H. Erectus being of warm water too could in theory be kept in the same tank. Correct? Would they have to be of similar size when adding to the tank or could they be larger without having problems? Say a Large Sunburst Mustang.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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