Private Seahorse Guided Tours

Reservations are required! Tour tickets must be purchased in advance and online up to 1 hour before the tour starts. Tour times change according to seasons and often sell out, so please make reservations or purchase your tickets on-line well ahead of time.


We are closed on Weekends and Christmas Day. Seahorse Gift Shop is open during tour times.

Contribution from your purchase of tour tickets and gift shop items stay here, on the Ocean Rider seahorse farm where the funds are used to save the seahorses from extinction through the continued research, education, conservation and propagation of the endangered seahorses and sea dragons!

Please check here for directions to our seahorse farm. Please arrive 30 minutes early to check in, wash up, read our bio security and seahorse holding rules. The seahorse is very delicate animal and an endangered species on the edge of extinction so please follow holding instructions carefully.

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