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"The Best Part of Our Vacation"

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"The Best Part of Our Vacation"

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Ocean Rider Celebrating 25 Years

Ocean Rider is now open for tours and shopping Monday through Friday

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If You Would Like to Help With Donations: Ocean Rider asks for your support to help maintain our efforts of these threatened animals. You can help us by making a tax-free donation to the Seahorse Hawaii Foundation.

We look forward to seeing you!

Ocean Rider Seahorse Farms and Tours Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm & Tours – Kona, Hawaii

Farm Raised Seahorses and Marine Life for Personal and Commercial Aquariums

Acclaimed & Recognized Since 1998 – Ocean Rider is an organic Hawaiian-based aqua-farm that follows strict good farming practices and inspiring ocean awareness by saving endandered species.

Ocean Rider is one of Hawaii’s most popular attractions and, year-after-year, a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Award Winner. Open to the public, tours are lead by naturalists with certified biology degrees with special training in ocean conservation. Tour Tickets maybe purchased and scheduled on this web site.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL GUESTS: Tours Available Monday through Friday. We are closed on Weekends, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Seahorse Gift Shop is open during tour times.

A Must See!

Cool! Can’t wait to visit. I actually found out about you guys from a woman who runs a mandarin operation near Auburn, CA, last year just after Thanksgiving. She and her grandkids toured your facility and she said it is was a “must see”.

Enjoyed the Visit to Your Seahorse Farm More Than Anything Else

I took my parents and fiancé to the big island in May, 2007 to celebrate my parent´s wedding anniversary, my dad´s 80th bithday, Mother´s Day, and my fiance´s 50th birthday. In reality, the trip was for my Dad, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin´s Disease in 2005. We covered the entire island, seeing all the sights,… “Enjoyed the Visit to Your Seahorse Farm More Than Anything Else”

Blown Away By the Incredible Work

Hello Carol and Greg. We visited Ocean Rider last year and we were blown away by the incredible work you’re doing. We’re planning a trip to Hawaii in September 2015 for about 30-35 people and we would like to bring them to Ocean Rider. I’m hoping you can help me work out a date and… “Blown Away By the Incredible Work”

We LOVED the Tour!

I brought my son (age 9), and daughter (age 7) to the seahorse tour when we were on vacation in Kona and we needed something to do while my husband was golfing :-). We LOVED the tour! We fell in love with the seahorses and the guides made sure that the kids were involved the… “We LOVED the Tour!”

The Most Memorable Part of Our Cruise

My wife and I visited your farm in Feb. this year and we think this was the most memorable part of our cruise to Hawaii…

The Tour Was Amazing

My husband, 15 month old daughter and I visited your amazing facility last week. We just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise about seahorses. The tour was amazing and you created 3 new seahorse fans. We hope to visit your again. PS – tell Stumpy we said hi.

My family participated in one of your farm tours two weeks ago, and we had an amazing experience!

I love what you are doing and your approach to helping this endangered species. We can’t stop talking about it. I can’t still can’t believe that we were able to hold one of the only “seahorse swingers” in the world! (: Our guide was engaging and patient and kept the attention of my six-year-old the… “My family participated in one of your farm tours two weeks ago, and we had an amazing experience!”

Informative and Entertaining

We were more than excited to visit the seahorse farm. The Guide, and all the staff were exceptional. The presentation of various stages of seahorse life was informative and entertaining. We throughly enjoyed visiting this wonderful place and have told everyone about this Magical Seahorse Farm.

I Loved the Tour!

It was so much fun, and so great to both learn information, and get to hold a sea horse which was the best part! If I lived closer, I’m sure that would have been my job! Thank you so much for the experience, and the great memories!

Impressed and Gratefull

I did your tour last Monday and just wanted to let you know how impressed and gratefull I am for what you are all doing. Your dedication is very inspiring and I´ll be donating to your foundation as I can. I don´t know if I´ll ever be able to keep any horses but just knowing… “Impressed and Gratefull”

A Fabulous Time Touring

Kira had a fabulous time touring the seahorse farm from her cruise ship and took the time to type up a glowing testimonial explaining how amazing the tours are.

Thank You So Much!

We took your tour last week and now we are back on the mainland. The best part of our whole trip, my daughter says, was the seahorse tour. Thank you so much!

The Best Part of Our Vacation

I thoroughly enjoyed your Magical Seahorse Tour; it was THE BEST part of our vacation! You are true pioneers and its a joy to know that your efforts have not only produced some of the best, most beautiful & healthy Seahorses I have ever seen; but also helped to reduce the harvesting of the wild… “The Best Part of Our Vacation”

The Best Part of My Vacation

Hi, I spent 10 days in Kona and visited you my last day, Jan. 31st. It was the best part of my vacation. I learned so much, our tour guide was great and the seahorses were wonderful. Thank-you so much!!

Big Gold Star!

Our recent visit to your farm is one I had been looking forward to for a long time. As a color pencil artist who specializes in illustrating the underwater world for its conservation, I am in awe and wonder at what you have achieved, what you are teaching and through your breeding program, the number… “Big Gold Star!”

Magical Experience

Hello, I wanted to thank you for the magical experience we had while vacationing in Kona. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing and touching the sea horses. I cant wait until I have been certified to have my own! Your hard work there is contagious and educational to say the least. Thank you.

A Wonderful and Memorable Experience

We have returned to Vancouver after a wonderful vacation to Hawaii and I wanted to express my most heartfelt gratitude to you and the staff at Ocean Rider for providing such a wonderful and memorable experience for my 2.5-year-old daughter (see attached photos). Dressed for the occasion in her seahorse dress and underwear, Sarah got… “A Wonderful and Memorable Experience”

The Highlight of Our Vacation

We just returned from our holiday in Hawaii. Visiting your facility was the highlight of our vacation. I plan to make everyone in Canada aware of your wonderful work.

One of the Best Parts of Kona

My husband and I spent some time at Ocean Rider and for me it was one of the best parts of Kona. It was amazing to be so up close and personal with these fabulous creatures. We will definitely come again.

I Waited For Years To Visit The Seahorse Farm

I waited for years to visit the Seahorse Farm in Kona HA. I enjoyed my tour so much… to see how they are bred was amazing! The biggest thrill for me was to be able to hold one on my finger. I could have stayed all day! I will definitely do the tour again should… “I Waited For Years To Visit The Seahorse Farm”

Thank You for All the Great Work

Amy and I just toured your facility yesterday 11/14, and I want to thank you for all the great work you are doing there. Your hard work to save these animals as well as the time you set aside to open your doors to us is much appreciated. I hope the efforts in your other… “Thank You for All the Great Work”

The Most Memorable Part of Our Cruise to Hawaii

My wife and I visited your farm in Feb. this year and we think this was the most memorable part of our cruise to Hawaii

Winner of the Los Angeles Femme International Film Festival's Best Animal Rights Documentary

2 Minute Preview Below

Shop Ocean Rider - Seahorses, Marine Life & Gifts

Since 1998, Ocean Rider Seahorse Farms of Kona Hawaii has operated as a self-sufficient, family-run business that established itself has one of the world's first farm raised seahorse facilities. Today, Ocean Rider continues with on-going research and development for the purposes of extending the longevity of the species for the hobbyist and commercial aquariums around the world and for the protection of the seahorse species in the wild.

Seahorses and marine life are raised to strict, good farming practices. Our seahorses, select marine life and gifts are available for sale on this web site, Ocean Rider also provides an active community for seahorse owners and aquarium managers. Join and participate in the Ocean Rider Seahorse Club. Our resident seahorse and aquarium experts can help answer your questions and provide the guidance you may need to maintain a healthy and happy tank environment/

Love my seahorses!!

Thank you for the above professional service. Amazing animals I got from you.

My seahorses are so beautiful, shy and brightly colored.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the seahorse I received now named Sierra I assume it’s a girl. So beautiful, shy and brightly colored, thanks perhaps another one in the future. Much love 💕 and God bless 😌❤️🙏

Thanks for all you do!

I just wanted to let you know that my new seahorses arrived last week and they are gorgeous! They are happy and healthy and have beautiful markings. 😁

Hello! I just wanted to thank you guys.

I got my lil seahorses today. And I couldn’t be happier. You can tell you guys spend lots of time with them. Also how would I go about joining a wait list for a potbelly. Thank you so much again. I love them!!! 😁


I got my order today. I am OVER THE MOON HAPPY 😁. They are stunning. I will be back for more.

Just got my seahorses alive and well!

Acclimating them now. I love them 😍 This is exactly why I ONLY get my ponies from you.

The seahorses are super active.

I received my seahorses and shrimp and everything is great! The seahorses are super active. They’re swimming around and trying to explore their new home. They started snapping at the ghost shrimp that’s in the tank which was fun to watch even though some of the shrimp were bigger than the seahorses’ snouts. The shrimp… “The seahorses are super active.”

The order arrived on time and in perfect condition!

This is my second order with I highly recommend them for all your seahorse/marine life needs. The 2 Mustangs and 2 Yellow Sunbursts are beautiful. Size and color are ideal for my tank.

The Sunbursts arrived healthy and gorgeous.

They are curious and explore everywhere. Just love them. Thanks folks.

Seahorses Are In Perfect Condition!

I received my seahorse the other morning on time with no issues. They were in PERFECT condition. I think these might be the best looking I have received. Thanks again.

Two of them stayed hitched to my finger while they surveyed the new tank.

They are here, acclimated and look great. Two of them stayed hitched to my finger while they surveyed the new tank. Mine do that when I move them but new arrivals are usually that calm. Mark is bouncing off the walls because he has never seen seahorses like this before. I warned him they were… “Two of them stayed hitched to my finger while they surveyed the new tank.”

Love them! I will be forever grateful.

Love them! Love you! You gave me a heat pack. Thanks so much for going way out of your way to make me happy. I will be forever grateful.

They are doing very well. They’re family now!

They are doing very well. They settled right in. She’s pretty shy and lazy. He is a total show-off! Always strutting his stuff, changing colors, dragging her around with him, dances. Does all this to show off for his humans his dog and his cat!!! They’re family now!

They are beautiful!! Seahorse Are Acclimating.

They arrived a little while ago. Opened the box up and hoped for the best. So far both sets look good they are currently acclimating slowly. It was not freezing cold thankfully!! Both sets were alert in the bags. I will let you know if there are any issues. They are beautiful!!

Always Great Seahorses

Aloha! My Sunburst® Pairs (Medium) – Hippocampus Erectus showed up today and look great. Thanks as always for your great seahorses.

Thank you so much for my new babies!

They are beautiful and have settled in well with my mustangs. Thank you so much for my new babies!.

Great Service and Quality

The shipping of the seahorse came in today and they are doing well,thank you for the great service and the quality of the seahorse.

Thank You For My Yellow Seahorse

The yellow seahorse you shipped to me arrived in Daytona Beach, FL just fine, Thank you as seahorses are impossible to get in Florida since the Pandemic started.

Love My Two Giant Mustangs

My two giant Mustang arrived this morning they are amazing thank you guys so much.

I got my pair of Mustangs yesterday!

Boy, was I mesmerized! Beautiful, and so active!… I have colorful, yellow & Orange hitches in my tank, and they turned from yellow to bright orange! OMG! Beautiful… Your seahorses are the most beautiful I’ve seen! Thank you. I will be ordering more soon. Thanks, again. I named them Pumpkin & Spice.

The 2 sunburst and 2 mustangs just arrived safely!

Thank you for being willing to make a last-minute change for us wonderful horses. Everyone has settled in very well and is competing with one another for the best color. Thank you for these wonderful horses. Be well!

Thank you and Mahalo

Just wanted to let you know that the seahorses arrived in wonderful condition. Acclimating per your instructions now.

You’ve Made a Customer For Life!

I just received the mustangs! They are beautiful thank you so much! You made a customer for life!!

Everyone arrived happy and healthy! The colors are awesome, thank you so much!

They are in the display tank. Three of them have found hitching posts and are very calm. One of the sunbursts is still swimming about up towards the top of the tank. He seems to still be exploring a bit but has not found a hitching post yet. I did lower the flow since when… “Everyone arrived happy and healthy! The colors are awesome, thank you so much!”

Thank You For Reaching Out!

I’m actually watching my seahorse dance as I write this. They are doing incredible. Within minutes of adding them they were hunting down copepods and exploring their new home. They’re such a great addition, and such high quality that I’m planning another order this week! I wish I’d ordered four at once, but I’m Happy… “Thank You For Reaching Out!”

All four ponies came in perfect health and condition

All eating PE mysis and Hikari brine within the first day. The red shrimp arrived as well. The certificate of authenticity has been received as well, laminated and in the box. This was an awesome purchase experience! Keep the work up guys!

In all my years raising marine fish and the last few raising seahorses no one has ever been so helpful.

My seahorses arrived yesterday and they are magnificent. I am very impressed. They spent a successful night in their new tank and this morning one of them was sleeping in the feeding tray. I have given them some mysis shrimp and hopefully, they will start eating soon. If not I will mix some vibrance in… “In all my years raising marine fish and the last few raising seahorses no one has ever been so helpful.”

Everything arrived happy and healthy!

Thanks so much. Everything arrived happy and healthy. Thanks so much. Hang in there during this difficult time.

Many thanks for all the work you do to educate and conserve the ocean and its creatures.

Hi Carol, they arrived and are beautiful. Kona, Aloha, Mahalo and Makai are the names decided today for our new family members by my daughters. We liked them so much I just placed another order.

Seahorses settled in and breeding

Just wanted to let you know that Seahorses I ordered on Jan 4th have settled in great and have already been breeding. The first time they did not get it right and spilled the eggs on the gravel. This past time they managed to have 10 fry. Tonight they are doing the mating dance again… “Seahorses settled in and breeding”

Hull Aquatics

Mustang Seahorse Pairs Doing Amazing!!

Sorry, I missed your call to see how my new horses were doing. They are doing amazing. words can not express how happy I am with them. Thank You!!!!! Can you tell me when you think you may have Gigante® Hippocampus Ingens – available again? I am very interested in getting a pair of those… “Mustang Seahorse Pairs Doing Amazing!!”

Seahorses always healthy and eating…

Thanks so much for these two seahorses, they are stunning. They are huge! I really appreciate all the years you’ve provided seahorses to me. I take care of a lot of them, and when I get them from you they are always healthy and eating! Have a nice weekend.

They Are Beauties!!

I just got my Spikey pair. They are beauties!! They were both moving all over in the bag as i was acclimating them. Just let them out of the bag and they are swimming all over the tank. Thank you so much! Again, they are beautiful!

Very Active and Beautiful

I received my package about an hour ago. The packing was great! Heatpacks were still warm and the pony´s were very active! I have acclimated them and they are very active and beautiful.

I’m Very Impressed

The ponies arrived safely and in good health. I´m very impressed with the quality of your stock. They look exactly as shown in your product photo.

Thank You for Such Prompt Service

All arrived in great shape with kicking seahorses and not one dead shrimp. My old guys from you gobbled up the 1st bag of shrimp and are looking for more! The new pair have settled down they are still very stressed (like me after a long flight)! I´m seeing an orange brown type color right… “Thank You for Such Prompt Service”

Fantastic Seahores

I would just like to thank you for the fantastic seahores that arrived today. The sunbursts were a nice yellow color. After full acclimation the horse are swimming and eating frozen mysis like they have been in the tank for months. Far exceeded my expectations. Thank you once again.

Finding Ocean Rider Seahorses was My Greatest Find

I have had my Mustangs 3 weeks today. When I received Sally & Sam the packings list indicated FREE PREGANCY. I found 4 baby seahorses this am. I have carefully captured them & placed them in a collection box within my tank, added a small air stone and put about 4 drops of “Life A”… “Finding Ocean Rider Seahorses was My Greatest Find”

So Happy I Shopped With You

I am thrilled with my new seahorses. After years of dreaming and about 6 months of planning, I finally decided to take the plunge, and I am so happy I shopped with you. Your customer service is great. The captive-bred path is truly the way to go. The horses were happy, hitching, and eating right… “So Happy I Shopped With You”

Very Happy With My Order

Just to let you know Spikeys arrived. Loved the colors. Acclaimated very quickly. I am very happy with my order and hope to order more soon. Thank you very much!”

You Did the Best!

You did the BEST! They are beautiful. I am so excited. Had to take off work today just to see them. Picked them up at about 8:40 this am. Thanks so much. Talk to you soon. Now that we are so hooked on seahorses.

Really Spectacular!

OMG. This pony is really spectacular! MAHALO! What a regal animal. He’s almost done acclimating now. Thanks again.

Thoroughly Pleased

Just emailing to say thank you for working with me to bring me two beautiful H. erectus seahorses. I am thoroughly pleased and they are doing very well so far. When they first arrived, one was slightly tipsy, but I believe this may be due to the fact that they had not seen light for… “Thoroughly Pleased”

Arrived Safely and Acclimated Quickly

Just wanted to let you know that Trigger, Sunny, Milo and Venus arrived safely 2 weeks ago and acclimated quickly. The ladies really scarf up the food at their abalone shell feeding station. Milo has been the “shy feeder”, but after reviewing the forum (again and again) I didn’t get too nervous or panic, he… “Arrived Safely and Acclimated Quickly”

You Guys are Awesome

Aloha, Carol so excited everyone looks great.10 degree michigan cold couldn’t hurt these guys. They look better than most specimen I bring home from the fish store 5 minutes away. Arrived at 9:55 equalizing tempuratue started at 9:57. 10:07 first cup in bag. 10:15 one cup out one cup in. 10:22 another cup in and… “You Guys are Awesome”

Thank You For All of the Information

Thank you for all of the information. This course was fantastic!! We are looking forward to bringing our new Seahorses home, once we are completely ready of course. I would definitely recommend this program to others!

The Most Beautiful Seahorses I’ve Seen

Hey guys! I know I emailed earlier with all the details of my new seahorse’s arrival, but I just wanted to let you know that these are the most beautiful seahorses I’ve seen. Just last week I was at my LFS and they had 3 seahorses for sale. I sat looking at them for some… “The Most Beautiful Seahorses I’ve Seen”

You Guys are Amongst the Most Skillful & Conscientious

Been a fan of Ocean Rider for more than 7-8 years now. You guys are amongst the most skillful and conscientious minded online vendors and researchers I have come across. Thanks for all that you do.

Just What I Hoped!

Received them yesterday and they are beautiful — just what I hoped they would be — thanks!

Look Forward to My Next Purchase

I received the 2 banded pipes last week and am happy to say they look great and are doing fine. I look forward to my next purchase, probably mustangs. Thanks very much.

Wonderful Service

Dear Carol, I just wanted to tell you thank you for the beautiful Sunbursts that I just received from you! They are a really lovely pair. And it looks like you were most generous with the red shrimp as well. Thanks again for the wonderful service and the beautiful, healthy seahorses.

Definitely a Place I Recommend

The customer support was/is just amazing. The seahorses we bought from Oceanrider arrived in great condition, healthy, not shy at all and adapted very quickly to their new home. They are very social, so much fun and their colors are stunning. This is definitely a place I recommend to anyone interested in Seahorses.

Wanted to Let You All Know How Impressed I’ve Been

Hi There! It’s been a little over a week now since I received my shipment of Sunbursts and I wanted to let you all know how impressed I’ve been! I had called you the day they were to be shipped because of my worries over a Mid-Atlantic snow storm that was forecast to hit our… “Wanted to Let You All Know How Impressed I’ve Been”

All Are Fine and Growing

I have had your pipefish for several months now all are fine and growing. I tried from other sources with no success,thanks OR. Also the stangs and sun-bs are great and very healthy. Yours truly

Absolutely Fantastic!

Hi again Craig (Ocean Rider Crew. Well my new ponies arrived today and I must say they both look absolutely fantastic. Definitely a very very happy customer of yours.The female Has outrageous coloring and striking lines, spikes and patterns. And the male mustang is also a magnificent Orange coloring as well. Great job with picking… “Absolutely Fantastic!”

They Acclimated Beautifully

Hi. Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today & everything is good. They acclimated beautifully. I actually wanted them held until next Thursday 4/21 but everything worked out ok. Thanks.

I Am Very Satisfied.

I attached some photos of my new arrived healthy Mustangs. They arrived alive and well. The female full eggs, poor gal, about 5 minutes after being introduced into the tank, had an accident and spilled out what I would guess to be about 50 or so bright orange eggs. She was good about recovering herself… “I Am Very Satisfied.”

They Are So Awesome!

Hi.I am The Youth Services Coordinator at the Conneaut Public Library in Ohio. My director, Kathleen Pape, ordered 2 Sunburst Mustangs from you this week. You shipped on Tuesday, August 16. It is Thursday, August 18 and they arrived at 2:30 pm. A bag of the red Hawiian shrimp came with. Should I put all… “They Are So Awesome!”

Big, Healthy and Gorgeous Coloring

Just one word to describe the mated pairs of sunbursts we got today. Big, healthy and gorgeous coloring. Thanks for all you do to help protect the species, and for sending these amazing animals to us

GREAT Shape As Usual

I just wanted to let you know that I received my Sea Horses this morning in GREAT shape as usual. Thanks for all the work you guys do, it really shows!

Glad I Ordered From You

I have had my pair of sunbursts for almost 6 months. They are so hardy, sweet, curious and friendly. I am so glad I ordered from you and took the seahorse lessons to teach me everything I could ever need to know! Thank you SO much!

Thanks So Much for Introducing Me to Pete

Just thought I would say hello. Finished up the totally awesome 10 part training lesson. Thanks so much for introducing me to Pete. Great person to know! You guy’s rock! Thanks again Craig and Carol. Will stay in touch and as usual happy with everything,can’t wait to do more business in the near future. Until… “Thanks So Much for Introducing Me to Pete”

Pete is an Amazing Resource For Your Company

I’m sure you’ve heard this before … but Pete is an amazing resource for your company. Not only was the course very educational, below you can see how he helped a “New Pony Dad” through a nervewracking time! I love my seahorses and I’m very grateful that there is a place to get a well… “Pete is an Amazing Resource For Your Company”

I Love Her

She arrived safe & sound. Great choice, she’s beautiful!! I love her!!! Thank you so much!!

A Pleasure Doing Business With You

Seahorses just arrived. Came out of the box looking feisty as all get out! Thanks so much! As always, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

They Arrived Healthy and Gorgeous

The way they have adjusted to my tank is amazing. Loki and mango are already pair bonding and Thor is being very funny watching him make his best moves on pumpkin. Just like most females she needs her nap first and tomorrow a little dinner. They arrived healthy and gorgeous I am glad I got… “They Arrived Healthy and Gorgeous”

Oh My Gosh So Adorable

Hi I just got my seahorses home. Every one looks great. Oh my gosh so adorable. Thank you so much!!

Could Not Be Happier

Thank you Pete and Carol. Could not be happier those are the most beautiful Sunburst. They are going around so lively and proud. Pete I want to Thank You for all the help you gave me, which I still refer to when needed, could not have made without your fantastic knowledge. Will come to see… “Could Not Be Happier”

Another Seahorse So Stunning

The ‘Fire Red’ male is indeed amazing. I never seen another seahorse so stunning. Thanks!

FedEx Guests – Special Attention

Aloha. I would like to tell you, as a long time admirer of your sites, and an employee of FedEx, I have been happy to see quite a few of your shipments come through. I want to assure you that anytime I see an Ocean Rider package come through the Memphis Super Hub from the… “FedEx Guests – Special Attention”

Stunning Creatures

Just received a sunburst and a mustangs from your facility. The only thing I could say when I saw them was WOW! They are big and the most stunning creatures I have ever had in my sea horses tanks. Thanks.

You Have Earned a Customer for Life. Wow!

Hi, I received my Sunburst Special today in the mail. All I can say is wow! The happy and healthy seahorses looked great, I am very happy with them. The 10 shrimp also seemed to have multiplied in the bag, a generous surprise. You have earned a customer for life. Thank you!

A Very Nice Specimen

Just wanted to say thank you and Hippocampus taeneopeterus (Large Male) is a very nice specimen! He will look great in our 180 reef. He is very large. All packaging was in great shape and arrived right on time too. Thanks!!!

Thanks for the Wonderful Quality in Animals

Aloha! I just wanted to let you know that the seahorses and shrimp arrived safe and sound. The female was a bit sluggish out of the shipping box but after less than 5 minutes of floating the bag she was up, colored and poking around the bag. Both are now very alert and poking around… “Thanks for the Wonderful Quality in Animals”

I Highly Recommend!

I am very impressed to say the least. My mated pair of mustang seahorses arrived overnight in great condition. They acclimated well to my tank that I set up with the instructions on this website. I received more red shrimp then was advertised, and SURPRISE I unexpectedly found 32 seahorse fry in my tank two… “I Highly Recommend!”

Thanks Again for Providing Such Beautiful Seahorses

Thanks for your email letting me know that my seahorses will arrive Thursday between 9 and 5pm. Just waiting on a tracking number so I can keep track of them. Thanks again for providing such beautiful seahorses. I think what your organization is doing for these beautiful creatures is amazing. My heart goes out to… “Thanks Again for Providing Such Beautiful Seahorses”

That is an Amazing Seahorse

My 3 ponies arrived last week, and all transitioned beautifully and are eating well, and the socializing with the others is great fun to watch. The two Mustangs have turned every color possible since arriving. And that Sunfire has some serious wow factor. I don’t know what I was expecting, but that kind of awesomeness… “That is an Amazing Seahorse”

Great Job!

Hi, Just a quick note to state that my Mustang order arrived and all is well. I followed your acclimation directions and the two are exploring their new home. Thank you for the care packaging care you gave them. The heating pads were still providing heat when I opened the package this morning. Great Job!

As always, your seahorses are the BEST!

They’ve arrived and acclimated well. Thank you again, we’re hoping to fly to Kona in the near future and naturally you’ll be on the top of the list.

Sun Fires Arrived

Thank you so much! My two beautify girls arrived safe and sound. Truly Stunning! Thank you so very much.

Mustang Seahorses Arrived

Thank you, all of you, for the most beautiful horses I have ever had the privilege to own. They are gorgeous! Thank you so much!​

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