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Testimonials – Ocean Rider Seahorses & Livestock

Very Happy Forever Customer…

Very happy customer such healthy seahorses and packed so nice with extra goodies very pleased forever customer! My One Orange and One Yellow Unsexed Seahorses are BEAUTIFUL & HEALTHY!

Christine S. (Eau Claire, WI USA)

Seahorse Beautiful as Expected

The seahorses are beautiful as expected. I still have my Mustang Seahorse Mated Pair that I purchased from you back in 2021. Thanks again for amazing customer service and seahorses!!!

Donald D. (Navarre, Florida USA)

My Seahorse Perfect Condition!

Just wanted to let you know my pair arrived in perfect condition! You have the highest quality seahorses. Thank you!

Zachary T (Charleston, SC USA)

Beautiful & Very Healthy Seahorse

THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU!!! The Sunburst® Single Orange – Hippocampus Erectus are so beautiful and very healthy. The orange sunburst has accumulated perfectly to our water tank. Thanks again for such prompt shipping and customer service. Happy customer for life.

Christine S (Eau Claire, WI USA)

Thank You… Ocean Rider Team for the quality seahorses and smooth ordering process

Got the seahorses today and acclimated them with ease. Within minutes they were already hunting down copepods and amphipods in my tank. I wanted to thank you and the Ocean Riders team for the quality seahorses, smooth process, and excellent shipping. Most of all, for putting so much care into these beautiful creatures and doing everything you can to train future owners to be successful.

Casey P. (Dublin, California USA)

I received my horses and I am beyond pleased.

They were alive and actively swimming in the bag. This type of live delivery makes me so happy I purchased you. They are far bigger than expected and far better fed than the other seahorses in my tank. Thank you for delivering such a wonderful product. After these horses get acclimated I may rehome the three I already have to accommodate more of your horses maybe even by a bigger tank.

Sean M. (Orlando, Florida USA)

The film you made about your farm, and the danger the aquarium trade often causes completely changed my life!

I wanted to reach out to let you know that the film you made about your farm, and the danger the aquarium trade often causes completely changed my life and how in think about not only how to responsibly keep my aquariums, but I began to think about how to be a better steward in all things related to the environment. During the pandemic I ordered my first herd (you’re actually using one of my photos on your website 😀), and since then I’ve helped other veterans set up their own tanks, and I always recommend you for seahorses. You’re doing incredible work, and making a difference! Today we ordered a couple of more Mustangs, and can’t wait to meet them.

Bryant K (Bellingham, WA United States)

Great for Kids & Adults!!!

A nice tour to learn more about saving sea horses. Very educational. Great for kids and adults. About an hour long and they have dedicated sea horse ambassadors you can interact with at the end of the tour. Off the beaten path and near the airport.

John A. (Hawaii, United States)

Love my seahorses!!

Thank you for the above professional service. Amazing animals I got from you.

David S.(Irvine, CA USA)

My seahorses are so beautiful, shy and brightly colored.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the seahorse I received now named Sierra I assume it’s a girl. So beautiful, shy and brightly colored, thanks perhaps another one in the future. Much love 💕 and God bless 😌❤️🙏

Aimee C (Miami, FL USA)

Thanks for all you do!

I just wanted to let you know that my new seahorses arrived last week and they are gorgeous! They are happy and healthy and have beautiful markings. 😁

Annette H (Palmetto Bay, FL USA)

Hello! I just wanted to thank you guys.

I got my lil seahorses today. And I couldn’t be happier. You can tell you guys spend lots of time with them. Also how would I go about joining a wait list for a potbelly. Thank you so much again. I love them!!! 😁

Lusvin S. (Lititz, PA USA)


I got my order today. I am OVER THE MOON HAPPY 😁. They are stunning. I will be back for more.

Diana V. (Brainerd, MN USA)

Just got my seahorses alive and well!

Acclimating them now. I love them 😍
This is exactly why I ONLY get my ponies from you.

Shari B. (Canon City, CO USA)

The seahorses are super active.

I received my seahorses and shrimp and everything is great! The seahorses are super active. They’re swimming around and trying to explore their new home. They started snapping at the ghost shrimp that’s in the tank which was fun to watch even though some of the shrimp were bigger than the seahorses’ snouts. The shrimp are doing excellent too. They’re in their own nano tank. I hope to keep all the seahorses for years to come! Thank you so much!

Xao T (Clover, SC USA)

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