I received my horses and I am beyond pleased.

They were alive and actively swimming in the bag. This type of live delivery makes me so happy I purchased you. They are far bigger than expected and far better fed than the other seahorses in my tank. Thank you for delivering such a wonderful product. After these...

Great for Kids & Adults!!!

A nice tour to learn more about saving sea horses. Very educational. Great for kids and adults. About an hour long and they have dedicated sea horse ambassadors you can interact with at the end of the tour. Off the beaten path and near the airport.

Love my seahorses!!

Thank you for the above professional service. Amazing animals I got from you.

My seahorses are so beautiful, shy and brightly colored.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the seahorse I received now named Sierra I assume it’s a girl. So beautiful, shy and brightly colored, thanks perhaps another one in the future. Much love 💕 and God bless 😌❤️🙏