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Combination Drugs (Paragon 2, Furan2, etc.)

That is how hobbyists refer to the drug cocktails that combine antiparasitic, antifungal and antibacterial agents in one commercial preparation. Look for a product that combines the following ingredients in one potent mixture: antiparasitics such as nitrofurazone and metronidazole, effective antibiotics like neomycin, and kanamycin, and antifungals such as nifurpirinol. The result is a powerful combination drug that's effective against protozoans, fungus, and many kinds of bacteria.  When combined together, these medications cover all the bases and the formulation acts as a particularly strong broad-spectrum antibiotic.

A good combination drug is the ultimate weapon in your medicine cabinet.  It is effective against a wide range of diseases, making it a versatile shotgun for restoring order when trouble breaks out in your tank.  When you suspect an infection is at work, but don't know whether you're dealing with fungus, bacteria, protozoan parasites or a mixed infection, don't hold back -- break out the heavy artillery and give the bugs both barrels!  Use them with caution in a hospital tank only.

Some examples of combo meds that are commonly available in pet shops and fish stores are Furan2, Paragon II, and Maracyn 2 (be sure you get the saltwater version).

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