How to use Vibrance Seahorse & Marine Livestock Feed

This dry enrichment product is one of Ocean Rider’s secrets. A necessary additive for all frozen foods including frozen mysis and all live foods including brine shrimp that completes the nutritional profile of these feeds ensuring your sea horses and other marine plants and animals get all the nutrition that they need! This formula has been specifically designed for seahorses by our research team at Ocean Rider, but will also do wonders for all marine and freshwater organisms.

You will not find this product any where else.

We have now made it available to the public so that you too can maintain truly healthy and vibrant colored seahorses, and other marine and fresh water plants and aquatic animals. It contains high levels of natural color enhancing carotenoids that most marine organisms cannot synthesize and therefore must obtain through their diets. These natural carotenoids are essential for the maintenance of rich and vibrant colors. Vibrance also contains high levels of HUFAs (highly unsaturated fatty acids) including the DHA omega 6 and omega 3 series which are the extra long chain fatty acids that most marine organisms cannot synthesize and are absent in virtually all live and frozen feeds. DHA has been proven to be essential to high survivability, nerve development, stress management, and proper reproduction. This is a natural dry-based product, rather than oil-based, and therefore does not destroy oxygen levels and water quality like some bottled products. With proper use, you will be amazed at the coloration of your seahorses and other fish too.

Vibrance I also includes vitamin C and a multi-vitamin for marine fish.

This is a very unique product that is very high in fat made from very unique and expensive ingredients. We recommend that Vibrance I is used in rotation with Vibrance II. A suggested feeding schedule would be to enrich your mysis with Vibrance I every 3rd to 4th day using Vibrance II on all the other feedings. Vibrance 1 can also be used to enrich live feeds that you feed to your precious fish and invertebrates. Vibrance will enhance the breeding, color and general vitality of all your marine animals.

Our original high fat formula, a must when feeding artemia (brine shrimp) of all sizes

Use with All Feedings.

For seahorses and other marine fish that eat frozen mysis: simply sprinkle a “pinch” of Vibrance onto the frozen mysis. Allow the mysis shrimp to thaw. Gently mix the Vibrance into the mysis so that the head is red. Apply the feed to seahorse tank. You will see that they recognize this food quickly taking the mysis directly from the feeding station or from the tank bottom.

For other frozen foods simply sprinkle a “pinch” of Vibrance onto the frozen food. Allow the food to thaw and mix the Vibrance gently into the food. Feed to your fish.

For enriching or “gut packing” live artmeia (brine shrimp), or other live shrimp or live food of all sizes. Blend 1 teaspoon of Vibrance into 1 cup of water for 3 minutes. Add this to the live food vessel for 30 minutes, or until you see the gut of the animal turn red. Rinse the animals with clean salt water and feed immediately to your seahorses or other fish.

For feeding invertebrates such as corals make a slurry buy blending or mixing well 1 teaspoon of Vibrance into 1 cup of salt water for 3 minutes. Pour this slurry right onto the polyps and watch them open up with hunger!!

With proper use, you will ensure the long term high health and vibrant coloration in your seahorses and other marine animals. See for your self!!

Storage Instructions:

Please store in a cool dark place. The freezer or refrigerator is fine, but not necessary. Because Vibrance is packaged in a bag that does not allow light to penetrate and is a dry product the shelf life is indefinite as long as the bag is stored in a cool place and kept sealed. Once the bag is opened the shelf life is approximately one year.

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