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Be Sure To Read ALL of the FAQ’s and the Purchasing Policy at time of order.


Because our truly tropical, farm raised sea horses are rare, exotic and endangered Ocean Rider takes great care and time to hand raise your pets and in the personalized packaging of your pets.

Please help us to assure that your exotic pets have a happy and long life by making sure your tank is cycled properly before stocking, that your aquarium water quality parameters are within acceptable ranges, and that you follow our acclimation, care and feeding instructions.

Ocean Rider® makes every effort to keep the shipping charges as low as possible without jeopardizing the health of your new pets, feeds, and plants. The use of very sophisticated packing techniques using FedEx overnight service guarantees that your pet has a safe trip.

Because of our excellent packing techniques and the extreme high health and hardiness of our seahorses you do not have to worry about live arrival because they will ARRIVE ALIVE — WE GUARANTEE IT!!! Terms must be followed exactly to qualify.

Ocean Rider Mustangs®, Sunbursts®, Fire Reds®, Gigantes®, Brazileros®, Mo’olios® Pintos®, and Pixies® are proprietary lines that are a registered trade mark ® Offspring cannot be sold or traded. There are NO exceptions to this policy. Violators will be prosecuted. If the item(s) you order are out of stock, or if there is a reserve waiting list we will notify you.


You will be happy to know that the Ocean Rider Aquafarm maintains a certified “high health” status by the State of Hawaii.We will send you a certificate of authenticity and high health with your seahorse. All our animals are extremely healthy, active, vibrant and free of pathogenic parasites, virus’s and bacteria. This translates to a longer, healthier and happier life for you and your OR’s!!!!!.


We do not allow the return of livestock. This is done to protect the lives of the fish and animals which have no chance of survival unless packaged properly, including the use of oxygen. This is also done to protect the strict quarantine policy at Ocean Rider


All dry goods are shipped via Fed Ex 2 day service or UPS ground when purchased separately. Approximate cost is $10.00 for 1 to 3 items.


Helping you to be a happy sea horse keeper is our goal! Ocean Rider® works very hard to provide you with unique top quality tropical farm- raised sea horses. Our “high health” animals are domesticated, healthy, free of pathogens and trained to eat frozen mysis shrimp enhanced with Vibrance. We back our product with excellent e-mail service and information. If you follow our advice we feel that you will be thrilled with our sea horses and be rewarded with many years of relaxation and enjoyment.

We do not guarantee sex, size or color of sea horse or breeding success nor can we be held responsible for disease related problems if proper acclimation procedures are not followed, if quarantine procedures for the introduction of wild caught specimens are not followed properly either prior to or after the introduction of OR specimens, or if you follow poor advice or follow good advice poorly.

America's Only Seahorse Aqua-Farm and One of Hawaii's Most Popular Attractions

Ocean Rider seahorse farm is a consistent Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Award Winner and "Top 10 Things To Do" Kona, Hawaii attraction. Our "Magical Seahorse Tours" are educational and fun for the whole family.

Tour tickets are available for Purchase On-Line. Space is limited and subject to availability.

small seahorse Ocean Rider, Inc. is an Organic Hawaiian-Based Seahorse Aqua-Farm & Aquarium that Follows Strict Good Farming Practices in Raising Seahorses and Other Aquatic Life.

Seahorse Hawaii Foundation

Inspiring ocean awareness by saving the endangered seahorse and sea dragons around the world from extinction through conservation, research, propagation, and education.

Help us save the seahorse and the coral reefs they live in with a tax deductible contribution to the Seahorse Hawaii Foundation. You will be helping to protect and propagate over 25 species of endangered seahorses, sea dragons and friends.

Make A Tax-Deductible Donation Today!

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