Re:90G set up for mandarin,seahorse,coral system etc?


So far I decided to have a :225G ECO

still in the process of researching and planning
So far I got rid of all my fish but 2-nemo’s,3 chromis’s,1 small mandarin
I’ll be renting the nemo’s and chromis’s for now the small mandarin will stay

leaning toward’s this:

90G DT

25G sump

20G plumbed shrimp tank 6 to 10 cleaner shrimp’s

Algea turf scrubber 4-t5 h.o on each side of screen 3" from screen acrylic box
design would go more higher but I still want a little inorganic’s so I can maybe scrap the glass a bit for feeding the box will be designed to add more if I have to but I doubt I will

40G nutrient soft coral scrubber 216" of water channel 60’s coral on plug’s

50G refuge above DT with ton’s of rock rubble no macro

still playing with flow and live food culture choice’s

Picked to culture these phyto’s nano,iso

the pond will be a new home for Tigriopus californicus and soft coral prop
AKA TIGERPOD’S ignore the skimmer and pump’s

just looking into doser’s or drip’s for the phyto/maybe live zooplankton dosing

hoping thing’s will pan out with more then a pair of mandarin’s if I do this if not then the live food will be for the coral’s

leaning toward’s culturing Nitokra lacustris as well

2 type’s of phyto one being high in epa the other dha along with high protein,pigement’s,carb’s i’m hoping will feed,soft coral,fliterfeeder’s,pod’s,worm’s,slug’s,microserpent star’s etc etc

the zooplankton I’m hoping will feed all coral’s and fish along with me being able to harvest them at different time’s in their life cycle’s for different size polyp’s/fish

would love to get my hand’s on Gladioferens imparipes a type of calanoid
maybe for something in the future

still debating on mysid If I can just keep a small supply going in my system and get away without culturing them this will be fine

shrimp egg’s will be as a nice little snack

amphlipod still not sure if it will be a compliment to the system if It is and they are bigger then the tiger’s probably them too

this is where I am now I have a long way’s to go
not sure what the 2-glass jar’s will be for just that I picked them up at a garage sale


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