Re:90G set up for mandarin,seahorse,coral system etc?


That sound’s like almost the perfect tank I’m trying to acheive;) before looking into seahorse’s just started reading about sea horse’s and really wanted a peaceful tank with peaceful inhabitant’s for my mandarin’s I only have 1 small mandarin for now while trying to come up with the answer’s to the right size A.T.S/refuge, I think I’ll set up a seperate plumped together tank with shrimp’s that I just learned in regard’s to the shrimp’s egg’s etc I’ll probaly have montipora encrusting in the top 1/4 with a small garden of zoo’s some paly’s, larger garden of yama/recodia maybe some gorgonian’s,Christmas Tree Coral, Strawberry Coral, Cauliflower Coral etc I have no problem sacrificing my lps like favia etc along with my tang’s,wrasse’s, anthia’s,coral beauty,dotty back and using multiple small powerhead’s I liked the idea about lighting I’m still looking into it but my 8-t5 have 2 switches I can set to timer’s my temp is 82 to 83F right now I think it’s because of the 8-t5’s with individual reflector’s I’ll raise it a bit and instal fan’s and keep 4 on most of the time to keep it at 76F-78F will also set up light shading for some sunpolyp’s,dandro’s,duncan’s but with aptasia not suggested makes me really think about the dandro’s,duncan’s,sunpolyp’s wouldn’t mind acan’s thou seem’s like there might be a small chance I could keep some I think I’ll look into some more
and double check the coral list allowed some coral’s I forget there names I couldn’t get the link you sent to work I’ll search for the link tomarrow also looking into maybe a moonlight that I can dim/adjust and leave on nightly if possible with lot’s of black shaded spot’s at night

I never was able to keep filter feeding coral’s alive like gorgonian,christmas tree coral my first 2 year’s so I decided to culture phyto plankton but never could get my hand’s on them coral’s since so thinking sps are filter feeder’s I thought they might feed on phyto still not sure If they do I think they prefer rotifer’s which will be my next culture then mysis but heard they need small newly hatched baby brine to eat

in the last 6 month’s I set up a 20G with a eggcrate stair rack and 60 kenya tree’s on small plug’s 2 small perc’s and a watchmen goby was able to add 1/8to1/4to1/2to3/4to1 cup daily slowly over time while my crustation’s grew I think the tree’s,crustation’s,worm’s,pod’ etc sucked up all the eccess phyto the water with in 10’s of minute’s was so crystal clean I couldn’t believe it I had of course the 60 plug’s and 10 lb’s rock 4" dsb and just 2-100gph powerhead’s 20% weekly waterchange every plug,inch of gravel,rock had 100’s of serpent star’s,crustation’s,copepod,amplipod,myssid never feed the fish very often but 1 once a week they had really nice color and fat belly’s

was hoping to do the same thing with my 90G but this time with the most extreme natural export and extreme nutrient addition heard that it would take over 1-1/2 cup of wet food to equal the amount of live food on the reef
in a 100G

was thinking of starting from scratch with no fish and a phytoplankton reactor this time

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