Pete Giwojna

Dear Lisa:

That’s great news! I’m very happy to hear that everything is working out so well for you during your first attempt at raising the fry thus far!

I always find that you have to have a really good grasp of something if you are going to explain it to someone else and teach them how to do it properly, so the fact that your husband was able to play Mr. Mom for your brood and keep all 75 of the juveniles alive and well while you were away simply by following your painstaking instructions is an excellent indication that you have have got this rearing thing down very well indeed at this point. You must have learned a great deal in the three weeks since the brood first arrived and it certainly sounds like the learning curve is beginning to flatten out for you.

Here’s hoping everything continues to go smoothly when the time comes to transfer the youngsters to larger grow out tanks for further rearing and to wean them onto a diet of frozen foods. Keep updating that journal — it’s going to prove invaluable for you when it comes to raising any subsequent broods your Sunburst produce.

Best of luck with your three-week olds, Lisa!

Happy Trails!
Pete Giwojna

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