Re:Dwarf Seahorses for a beginner

Pete Giwojna

Dear hero:

I would consider mushroom corals for your dwarf seahorse setup. Mushroom corals, also called Corallimorphs or mushroom anemones, are very hardy corals. Among one of the best beginner corals, most mushroom coral prefer indirect light or shade rather than bright light and do best with low water movement, which means they will fit in well and prefer similar conditions to the dwarf seahorses. Mushroom corals come in many different colors like blue, red, green, brown, purple and often have stripes, spots, and mottled color variations. A very easy coral to keep, the mushroom coral prefers indirect light from fluorescents and low water current. They will often propagate until they completely cover the substrate upon which they grow. Mushrooms are generally not bothered by fenbendazole (brand name Panacur).

As for the zoanthids, hero, personally I would avoid them altogether in an aquarium that will be treated with Panacur. I would not want to take a chance with them because they are sensitive to fenbendazole and if they were to die, they could release harmful compounds into the aquarium that would be detrimental to the seahorses and other aquarium inhabitants. For me, it’s just not worth the risk…

But if you are determined to give zoanthids a try, suffice it to say that the longer you wait after you dose the tank with fenbendazole, the better. I would wait a period of months since the last dose of fenbendazole, but you will want to be maintaining a low level of fenbendazole in your dwarf tank continuously in order to prevent hydroids and Aiptasia rock anemones from appearing in the tank, and, under those circumstances, it would be best to skip the zoanthids to be on the safe side…

Best of luck with your dwarf seahorse corral, hero!

Pete Giwojna

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