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Welcome to marine tanks.:)

A 40 gal would be excellent for Seahorses.

I recomend a Magnum350 canister filter. Easy to use, lost of media options and can be gotten in the HOB( hang on back) if space is a restricion. What ever you choose make sure the flow isn’t going to knock the horses about. The flow can be deflected off the side of the tank or diverted through rock to "cut" the flow.

Some people use protien skimmers, I don’t. Haven’t had any problems, some will tell you they’re a MUST and other’s say not to use at all with seahorses.

Lighting depends on what you want other than horses. live plants (macroalgaes) will need better lighting than just fish and rock . Coral’s will need even more lighting. Decide if you want to have live plants or corals then light the tank for those. I use T5’s and compact florecents for my Corals and natural light florecents for my planted tanks.

Live plants such as Calerpa Proliffera make excellent natural hitches as do some soft corals. The lighting and flow needs of these should be addressed. Faux corals and plants are very easy to maintain and are very beatifull while providing lots of safe hitches. Tonga branch live rock is also an excellnt dual purpose hitch.

I’d would add 30-50 lbs. of life rock. Fully cured is best, but if you can’t find it or you order your rock online curing your rock is a must. I use a massive amount of tonga branch live rock.:) Your LR should be light weight in comparison to it’s size. Pickup 2 peices of rock about the same size, whichever peice weighs the less is the better rock. The LR should be porous so beneficial bacteria can grow, the denser the rock the less nitrifying bacteria is going to grow on it.

As far as salt I use Instant Ocean and RO water.

You will also need test kits! Ph, amonia, nitrite, nitrate and salinty as well as a hydrometer are a MUST!!!!!! Use them, you’re fish will love you for it. As you already raise fish I supect you knew that tho.;)

I started with a pair of Captive Bred H. Erectus. Still have them. There are several Species that make great starter horses and would do fantastic in your tank.

Best of luck, Kris

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