Re:mild huffing going on….


Morning report, take 2:

Well, last night was a blast. Got my skimmer from my LFS on my way home from work, did a small water change of 3 gallons to siphon detritus, etc. I replaced 1.5 gallons with new saltwater, then put a 2 gallon container of RODI h2o on a sloooow drip to finish topping off the tank. This morning, the morning feeding and checkup revealed that about a third of the 2 gallons had dripped in the tank, so I have a ways to go with that, but the skimmer was going strong all night long. While the cleaning function isn’t fully active yet (break-in period needed) the oxygenation benefits were already apparent. The horses were no longer huffing even in the slightest….all three were at the tank glass, watching me expectantly. The male’s pouch is definitely swollen, pics on that later today when I upload.

Pete, after some internet and LFS research, I wonder if an addendum should be made about Anthias in the seahorse tank. I know the anthias is on your list of possible tankmates, mostly as a "proceed with caution" animal, but the Lyretail Pseudanthias ignitus should probably be considered an exception…I don’t think it is a good addition at all. After talking to some of the trusted people at my LFS, they confirmed what I observed firsthand: Lyretails are easy anthias to keep mainly because they take to frozen mysis so readily. Their activity level in a community environment has led some companies to label them "semi-aggressive," although that may be a misnomer; they are simply active, inquisitive fish. Although their activity level is great for community FOWLR or reef aquaria, I don’t think the seahorses take well to it…and mine certainly didn’t appreciate the extra mouth in their food bowl!

I would not go so far as to remove all Anthias, or even all of the Pseudanthias genus, from the list, just possibly the ignitus. Again, I have no direct experimentation, but those at my LFS whom I trust have mentioned the more peacable nature of Bartletts or Evansi anthias.

I have not even decided if I wish to remove the anthias from this tank, although my mind is half made up. I have discovered a method of feeding that may work. It flies in the face of conventional advice, but I learned last night that if I feed my horses first, and my other fish right after, the lyretail is occupied with his food for those first few minutes while the horses are eating. After a couple minutes, when the horses have had their fill, they drift off to digest and the anthias can come clean the table, so to speak.

Once again, many many thanks to the help on this board. My horses are also quite grateful for the advice you’re always quick to provide! If anyone is interested, I will have images of the male uploaded later today. Until then, adieu!

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