Re:New problem

Pete Giwojna

Dear Lynn:

You’re very welcome to all the information. Internal gas bubble syndrome is a very difficult problem to resolve.

Yes, I understand it is the chest or upper torso of your seahorse that is swollen now and not his brood pouch. The "chest" or torso of the seahorse is where it’s large gas bladder or swim bladder is located, as well as where it’s coelomic cavity is situated.

Okay, I understand it can be very intimidating to try partially deflating the seahorse’s swim bladder or gas bladder using a hypothermic to perform a needle aspiration, and if you’re uncomfortable attempting that procedure then you should definitely consider one of the other options I mentioned in my previous post instead.

In many cases, pressurizing the seahorse in a homemade decompression chamber produces the best results when treating internal GBS. Lowering the salinity and the temperature in your aquarium can also help by minimizing any gas supersaturation of the water, which could be contributing to your stallion’s problems with gas bubble syndrome.

While you are waiting for the Diamox to arrive, by all means consider implementing some of the preventative measures for gas bubble syndrome outlined in my previous post.

Best of luck resolving the internal swelling that is plaguing your male and restoring him to normal again, Lynn!

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