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I am keeping a journal of the daily condition of the fry, how many die etc. How do I know I am feeding them enough? I feed them two to three times a day correct and take out a total of 10% of the water per day through syphoning up feces and the deceased? I have two 5.5 gallon tanks sitting inside a heated bath inside a 30 gallon tank. The temp is about 74 degrees. I am using a sponge filter. Once the fry get larger, if I am lucky this first time around, I will split them up between the two 5.5 gallon tanks so they don’t become over crowded. I know to slowly ween them off the brine onto mysis but when they get to be a good size but still not big enough to go into a regular reef tank what is the best way to filtrate the fry tanks and how often do I do water changes with the bigger fry? When do I put something in the tank for them to hold onto? And, how old should they be when they go into a regular reef tank with filter and protein skimmer? Sorry for all of the questions.

Thank you, as always.


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