Re:Tank Brands??

Pete Giwojna

Dear Cindy:

Perfecto, All Glass, and Oceanic are all reliable manufacturers with well-established track records. Of the three, I might be inclined to avoid Oceanic for the time being, since they are in the process of relocating their factory and won’t be manufacturing in the interim.

I can foresee no problems at all with the Perfecto 150-gallon aquarium (48“L x 24“W x 30”H) providing you mount the tank properly and set it up correctly. As with any other large aquarium, this means mating it to the right stand that will support it properly and leveling it before you fill the tank. Just be sure to use the Perfecto stand that’s designed specifically for this particular aquarium. (Don’t try to use another aquarium stand that you already may have — that could actually void the aquarium warranty.) Order the Perfecto aquarium along with the Perfecto aquarium stand that is designed for it, carefully set the aquarium on the stand in the location you want the aquarium, and then level the aquarium before you fill it. Set a level on top of the aquarium and place shims under the legs of the aquarium stand until it is perfectly level. (Note: don’t place any shims under the aquarium itself — just shim up the legs of the aquarium stand as necessary to get it exactly level.)

As long as you seat the 150-gallon Perfecto aquarium on the Perfecto aquarium stand properly and level it, a tempered glass aquarium of those dimensions should last as long as any other tank with no increased risk of breaking or leaking. It’s very true that the taller the aquarium, the thicker the glass or acrylic needs to be in order to safely withstand the water pressure when it is filled, but Perfecto has been in business a long time, and it’s safe to assume that they know what they are doing in that regard. I would expect that particular aquarium to have a life span equal to any other tank of similar size.

If you are concerned about the possibility that the glass could break, you could also consider having an acrylic aquarium of those same dimensions made for you. When it comes to aquaria, acrylic is of course virtually unbreakable compared to glass and much lighter than a glass aquarium of comparable size. An acrylic aquarium can withstand sharp blows and impacts that would shatter a glass aquarium of the same size. But the types of accidents that might break a large glass aquarium are rare events, and acrylic has its own issues when used for an aquarium. The openings at the top are comparatively small and limited, which can make the acrylic tanks more difficult to aquascape and work in, and of course the acrylic is easily scratched, which can ruin the viewing surface. The ease with which scratching can occur can be a real headache in tanks with lots of live rock, since it is so easy to inadvertently scratch the acrylic when setting the rock in place and positioning it in attractive, well secured arrangements. An acrylic tank will eliminate any and all concerns about the aquarium breaking or leaking, but you must also consider the potential drawbacks of acrylic in the equation. Just something else to keep in mind…

In short, I would have no qualms or misgivings about using the 150-gallon Perfecto aquarium providing you obtain the aquarium stand that’s designed specifically for that particular tank, mount it in place properly, and take care to level the aquarium before filling it. I am not aware of any unusual problems or negative feedback with the particular aquarium you are considering, Cindy.

That’s a wonderful aquarium upgrade you are planning and I’m sure your seahorses will appreciate the increased space, improved water quality and stability, and extra room to maneuver that it will provide. And the exceptional height of the 150-gallon tank should really help minimize any problems with gas bubble syndrome.

Best of luck with your aquarium upgrade, Cindy! I should have my recommendations and step-by-step instructions for making the change over ready for you shortly.

Happy Trails!
Pete Giwojna

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