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- Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm Tours. See live seahorses and learn more about these fascinating creatures. Hawaii Trip Advisor Excellence Winner Tickets on sale for Seahorse Tours.

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NEWEST ARRIVALS: Ribbon Sea Dragons and Seahorses From The Philippines

Philippine Seahorse

Come visit our newest arrivals now on display at Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm Tours! A special thank you to Long Beach Aquarium for helping to provide the Ribbon Dragons and Seahorses of the Philippines.

Our expert tour guides will guide you through the farm at your choice of tour times Monday through Friday! You can purchase your tickets before you travel to Hawaii on line here or buy at the door when you check in!

The GOFUNDME FUNDRAISER - Support Seahorse Hawaii Foundation!

GOFUNDME Fundrasier: Support Seahorse Hawaii Foundation

A new aquaculture only permit from western Australia has been issued for a limited number of WILD leafy sea dragon breeders. The Seahorse Hawaii Foundation has been chosen to buy 3 pairs of these rare and exotic leafy sea dragons.  

We will be importing 6 Leafy Dragons and 6 Weedy Dragons in March of 2017 from Steve McQueen in Western Australia. He has been awarded a special permit to collect these dragons for breeding only. Due to our success with our past Leafy Dragons, we have been chosen to be the recipient of these rare animals. 

Featured in Hawaii Magainze: The only aquarium to pet seahorses in the United States is in Hawaii

Within earshot of Kailua-Kona's lava-enclosed airstrip and close enough to the ocean to feel the sea spray, a tiny blue building fronts an unusual aquatic farm, the only one of its kind in the United States. On any given day, Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm is home to more than 20,000 seahorses and I've flown from Honolulu on the promise that I would get to interact with one.

I'm standing near a small, natural tidepool on a less natural sidewalk, staring at a clear Dixie cup of tiny, endemic ‘opae ‘ula (red volcanic shrimp). They are seahorse food, about the size of a pen tip, and just made the journey to their temporary holding pen via our tour guide Jeff Milisen. An eager young Michigander holds the cup. Though he's about 7 and I'm ... older, we're both just as excited to see some of the farm's huge numbers of seahorses, learn what the farmed fish are doing here and hear how 20 species–many threatened in the wild–flourish amid Kona's black lava fields.

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Looking for a  Hawaii, Big Island Attraction or a Hawaii, Big Island Activity? Check out Hawaii's best eco- tour - the Seahorse Farm!  Come shake hands with a pregnant male seahorse ! Explore the mysteries of the coral reefs on our 3 acre ocean front  living sea horse museum in Kona, Hawaii!! You will see seahorse babies, pregnant males and sea dragons  from all over the world from Australia to California to Brazil !  You will learn how we are saving the seahorse from  extinction! Great for families and  Hawaii ocean  lovers of all ages!

Interactive and Fun Tours of our Hawaii Seahorse Farm are considered to be a life changing experience and are a "must do" for  all visitors to Kona, Hawaii!  Plan your trip to Hawaii,  so you can fall in love with the Hawaiian sea horses !    Purchase your tickets online today!  You will love our  expert  seahorse tour guides whom are all biologist and work with seahorses all day!


Featured in Honolulu Magazine: You’ll Get to Hold a Seahorse in Your Hands at This Hawai'i Farm


On a rocky spit by the Kona airport, Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm is carrying on one of Hawai‘i's most quixotic enterprises: raising seahorses. It's one of the earliest farms in the world to successfully do so–and, during a tour of its Kona lab, you can actually have a close and, to judge from reactions, magical encounter.

"I made a cup of my hands in the water," said Gail Harada, a poet and professor of English at Kapi‘olani Community College, after a recent visit. "Then they put a seahorse in there, in my hands, but without it touching–just floating there. And then," she sighed, meltingly, "it curled its tail around my little finger."


'Endangered' seahorses could be extinct in next three decades

'Endangered' seahorses could be extinct in next three decades

Seahorses, which have existed for 13 million years, could be the creatures of the past in three decades unless a drastic action is taken. According to official figures, 64 million of the delicate creatures are taken from oceans annually for Chinese medicine and the curio trade, and conservationists are calling for a ban on shops in Britain selling the dried fish as holiday souvenirs, the Mirror reported.

An up-close look at the Kona Seahorse Farm Tours. Only in Hawaii!


An up-close look at the Hawaiian Sea horse Farm in Kona, and interview with Carol Cozzi-Schmarr. Carol discusses the efforts in captive breeding of seahorses and the impact of the world's ecosystems - particularly Hawaii.

Tours of our Kona Seahorse Farm are considered to be a life changing experience and are a "must do" for  all visitors to  Kona!  Plan your trip to Kona, Hawaii so you can see and hold a  live seahorse on our seahorse tours Monday through Friday at 10am, 12pm (noon) and 2pm.

Get to know the Ocean Rider Hawaii seahorses and expert Kona tour guides!

You can purchase your tickets before you travel to Hawaii on line here or buy at the door when you check in!


Best Animal Rights Award at La Feme Film Festival in LA September 2014!

A Different Kind of Farm documents the journey of Carol and Craig Schmarr in their quest to save the seahorse.
Caroline Harding  accepts award at LA FEME Film Festival in LA, California September 2014.

Exciting News for Ocean Rider Kona Seahorse Farm Tours 

"A Different Kind of Farm" by producer Caroline Harding  documents the personal journey of Carol Cozzi-Schmarr and Craig Schmarr in their quest to save the seahorses and the reefs where the seahorses and other ornamental reef fish were once common.

You will see stunning footage  all filmed here at Ocean Rider, of  seahorses,  seadragons and the people that make the breeding and tours of these rare animals  such a great success story. You will also see absolutely beautiful helicopter footage of the pristine ocean off the famous  Kona Coast where the ocean rider seahorse farm is located!!

Learn more at ​​http://www.adifferentkindoffarm.com

Photo 1: A Different Kind of Farm documents the journey of Carol and Craig Schmarr in their quest to save the seahorse.

Photo 2: Caroline Harding  accepts award at LA FEME Film Festival in LA, California September 2014.


Check the Leafy Sea Dragons & Baby Weedy Dragons!! Best Eco-tour in Kona!

Come see our new baby Weedy Sea Dragons!!  Check out our new  Leafy Sea Dragon breeding tank! Lots of room for dancing! It is a chilling 45 degree F!!!

These Leafy Dragon seahorses are just incredible.   These are subject to natural and man-made threats and are endangered by pollution and natural run off.  Unlike traditional seahorses with tails, the leafy dragon can not hold fast in a similar manner and are vulnerable to drift.

See the Hawaiian Pygmy on our tour when you visit Kona!

Hawaiian Pelagic Pygmy

Come see the rare endemic Hawaiian Pelagic Pygmy Seahorses  on the Kona Seahorse Farm Tour!

For the first time ever you can buy a pair for your home aquarium or  buy a pair to be released back in to the ocean  here in front of  the seahorse farm while you are visiting our beautiful Hawaiian paradise!! Plan  your Hawaii seahorse tour and seahorse release before you travel to Kona, Hawaii!

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