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Testimonials – Ocean Rider Seahorses & Livestock

Two of them stayed hitched to my finger while they surveyed the new tank.

They are here, acclimated and look great. Two of them stayed hitched to my finger while they surveyed the new tank. Mine do that when I move them but new arrivals are usually that calm. Mark is bouncing off the walls because he has never seen seahorses like this before. I warned him they were stunning! Thanks again.

Cheryl T (Boerne,Texas | USA)

Love them! I will be forever grateful.

Love them! Love you! You gave me a heat pack. Thanks so much for going way out of your way to make me happy. I will be forever grateful.

Deb R (Davison, MI | USA)

They are doing very well. They’re family now!

They are doing very well. They settled right in. She’s pretty shy and lazy. He is a total show-off! Always strutting his stuff, changing colors, dragging her around with him, dances. Does all this to show off for his humans his dog and his cat!!! They’re family now!

Arlene S. (Massachusetts, United States)

They are beautiful!! Seahorse Are Acclimating.

They arrived a little while ago. Opened the box up and hoped for the best. So far both sets look good they are currently acclimating slowly. It was not freezing cold thankfully!! Both sets were alert in the bags. I will let you know if there are any issues. They are beautiful!!

Karen H (Tennesse, USA)

Always Great Seahorses

Aloha! My Sunburst® Pairs (Medium) – Hippocampus Erectus showed up today and look great. Thanks as always for your great seahorses.

Ian F. (San Francisco, CA | USA)

Thank you so much for my new babies!

They are beautiful and have settled in well with my mustangs. Thank you so much for my new babies!.

Spencer S (Atlanta, GA | USA)

Great Service and Quality

The shipping of the seahorse came in today and they are doing well,thank you for the great service and the quality of the seahorse.

Tom X (Rockford, IL USA)

Thank You For My Yellow Seahorse

The yellow seahorse you shipped to me arrived in Daytona Beach, FL just fine, Thank you as seahorses are impossible to get in Florida since the Pandemic started.

Lloyd J (Daytona Beach, FL USA)

Love My Two Giant Mustangs

My two giant Mustang arrived this morning they are amazing thank you guys so much.

Andy L (Pittsburgh, PA USA)

I got my pair of Mustangs yesterday!

Boy, was I mesmerized! Beautiful, and so active!… I have colorful, yellow & Orange hitches in my tank, and they turned from yellow to bright orange! OMG! Beautiful… Your seahorses are the most beautiful I’ve seen! Thank you. I will be ordering more soon. Thanks, again. I named them Pumpkin & Spice.

Dee K (New Jersey, USA)

The 2 sunburst and 2 mustangs just arrived safely!

Thank you for being willing to make a last-minute change for us wonderful horses. Everyone has settled in very well and is competing with one another for the best color. Thank you for these wonderful horses. Be well!

Bryant H (Washington, USA)

Thank you and Mahalo

Just wanted to let you know that the seahorses arrived in wonderful condition. Acclimating per your instructions now.

Glovanna Blackledge (Oklahoma City, OK USA)

You’ve Made a Customer For Life!

I just received the mustangs! They are beautiful thank you so much! You made a customer for life!!

Shane J. (Vista, California USA)

Everyone arrived happy and healthy! The colors are awesome, thank you so much!

They are in the display tank. Three of them have found hitching posts and are very calm. One of the sunbursts is still swimming about up towards the top of the tank. He seems to still be exploring a bit but has not found a hitching post yet. I did lower the flow since when they first were put it they seemed to be getting pushed around and had not found the low flow zones I created for them. I will bring the flow back up slowly over the next few days. Thanks again you guys are awesome!

Andrew A (Connecticut, USA)

Thank You For Reaching Out!

I’m actually watching my seahorse dance as I write this. They are doing incredible. Within minutes of adding them they were hunting down copepods and exploring their new home. They’re such a great addition, and such high quality that I’m planning another order this week! I wish I’d ordered four at once, but I’m Happy to support your business with a second order. Peter was such an amazing help and teacher as I prepared for my horses. He was so patient with my many questions, and full of wisdom. I really appreciate the service, and I’m looking forward to ordering two more Sunburst later this week.

Bryant H (Washington, USA)

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