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Testimonials – Ocean Rider Seahorses & Livestock

Arrived Safely and Acclimated Quickly

Just wanted to let you know that Trigger, Sunny, Milo and Venus arrived safely 2 weeks ago and acclimated quickly. The ladies really scarf up the food at their abalone shell feeding station. Milo has been the “shy feeder”, but after reviewing the forum (again and again) I didn’t get too nervous or panic, he wasn’t concave so may have been eating ‘pods when I wasn’t looking. I started target feeding him since he wasn’t going to the feeding station and he’s getting much bolder now. Trigger is all a stallion should be: boy or girl, he wraps tails and dances! After 9 months of planning for them, they have really exceeded my expectations! Mahalo! Pete’s down to earth guides and advice are priceless! He is the reason I learned that I could confidently do this, especially with your exceptional seahorses. I cringe when I see seahorses on the ‘net for $19.99. I believe you get what you pay for… and I have no regrets for the cost. I love all my fish in my other reef tank. But seahorses evoke a much higher emotion…more like my dogs, cats and birds. Some day in the future in a bigger house, I’ll have a bigger seahorse tank and you can expect to hear from me again.

Peg (United States)

You Guys are Awesome

Aloha, Carol so excited everyone looks great.10 degree michigan cold couldn’t hurt these guys. They look better than most specimen I bring home from the fish store 5 minutes away. Arrived at 9:55 equalizing tempuratue started at 9:57. 10:07 first cup in bag. 10:15 one cup out one cup in. 10:22 another cup in and out 10:30 released and exploring!!! Excellent you guys are awesome I most assuredly will be a repeat customer thank you so much and keep up the wonderful work you all are doing there in Kona. Thank you,

Mike (Michigan)

Thank You For All of the Information

Thank you for all of the information. This course was fantastic!! We are looking forward to bringing our new Seahorses home, once we are completely ready of course. I would definitely recommend this program to others!

Freddie (USA)

The Most Beautiful Seahorses I’ve Seen

Hey guys! I know I emailed earlier with all the details of my new seahorse’s arrival, but I just wanted to let you know that these are the most beautiful seahorses I’ve seen. Just last week I was at my LFS and they had 3 seahorses for sale. I sat looking at them for some time just observing. They looked very healthy to me, but I had already determined I was buying mine from Ocean Rider and had no intention of changing my mind, even though the owner tried to convince me that I should. The seahorses you sent me are like nothing I’ve ever seen in a LFS. I now know what a beautiful, healthy seahorse really looks like. The ones in the pet store don’t even compare to the size and beauty of the seahorses I recieved today from Ocean Rider. Thanks so Much for Everything!

Chandra (USA)

You Guys are Amongst the Most Skillful & Conscientious

Been a fan of Ocean Rider for more than 7-8 years now. You guys are amongst the most skillful and conscientious minded online vendors and researchers I have come across. Thanks for all that you do.

Paul (USA)

Just What I Hoped!

Received them yesterday and they are beautiful — just what I hoped they would be — thanks!

Sandra (USA)

Look Forward to My Next Purchase

I received the 2 banded pipes last week and am happy to say they look great and are doing fine. I look forward to my next purchase, probably mustangs. Thanks very much.

Omar (USA)

Wonderful Service

Dear Carol, I just wanted to tell you thank you for the beautiful Sunbursts that I just received from you! They are a really lovely pair. And it looks like you were most generous with the red shrimp as well. Thanks again for the wonderful service and the beautiful, healthy seahorses.

Tom (USA)

Definitely a Place I Recommend

The customer support was/is just amazing. The seahorses we bought from Oceanrider arrived in great condition, healthy, not shy at all and adapted very quickly to their new home. They are very social, so much fun and their colors are stunning. This is definitely a place I recommend to anyone interested in Seahorses.

Carolina (USA)

Wanted to Let You All Know How Impressed I’ve Been

Hi There! It’s been a little over a week now since I received my shipment of Sunbursts and I wanted to let you all know how impressed I’ve been! I had called you the day they were to be shipped because of my worries over a Mid-Atlantic snow storm that was forecast to hit our region (which included the Memphis Fed-Ex hub) on the seahorse scheduled arrival. I spoke with Carol, who was more than helpful in “calming my fears” and most of all, Carol was the example of stellar customer service! To my amazement, the Sunbursts arrived to my hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia on time and just as you promised, as healthy and active as I have ever seen, and in a snow storm to boot!! Anyway, what I really wanted to convey is that I have never seen such beautiful, hardy, robust and active seahorese ever…anywhere!! I am still in awe of their health and beauty! They are trully amazing to watch and feed! My only hope is that I can keep them as healthy and active as they arrived to me (as you promised they would!), so that I can set up another tank and place another order!! My sincerest thanks and gratitude to all of you! You all are the best, bar none!! I couldn’t be happier with the seahorses and with your customer service!! Thank you to all!!

Richard Hasty (USA)

All Are Fine and Growing

I have had your pipefish for several months now all are fine and growing. I tried from other sources with no success,thanks OR. Also the stangs and sun-bs are great and very healthy. Yours truly

Omar (USA)

Absolutely Fantastic!

Hi again Craig (Ocean Rider Crew. Well my new ponies arrived today and I must say they both look absolutely fantastic. Definitely a very very happy customer of yours.The female Has outrageous coloring and striking lines, spikes and patterns. And the male mustang is also a magnificent Orange coloring as well. Great job with picking these guys out for me…thanks. So needless to say they are both way above my expectations. Thanks so much for making my first & now second Seahorse venture a fun and exciting experience.They are all doing fantastic. All of them are so wonderfully different in appearance and behavior. Fantastic color contrast…all of them. Please let me know as soon as the Red Brazilero’s are large enough to sell. You have a guaranteed sale with me for the nicest mated pair that you have available.Thanks a million Craig … Aloha!

Ambrose (USA)

They Acclimated Beautifully

Hi. Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today & everything is good. They acclimated beautifully. I actually wanted them held until next Thursday 4/21 but everything worked out ok. Thanks.

Ann Marie (USA)

I Am Very Satisfied.

I attached some photos of my new arrived healthy Mustangs. They arrived alive and well. The female full eggs, poor gal, about 5 minutes after being introduced into the tank, had an accident and spilled out what I would guess to be about 50 or so bright orange eggs. She was good about recovering herself though. She automatically dove down to the ball sponge in the tank and held her opening against it for about 30 minutes or so. I think she probably still has eggs in her from the looks of her. I hope so anyways. If not, better luck next time. I really appreciate your speedy delivery, and well done packaging. I think they are going to do great! Later in the tank you may be able to see that they are still doing well and adjusting with the other Mustangs around the 2 hour mark. I am very satisfied. Thank You!

David Lee Cox (USA)

They Are So Awesome!

Hi.I am The Youth Services Coordinator at the Conneaut Public Library in Ohio. My director, Kathleen Pape, ordered 2 Sunburst Mustangs from you this week. You shipped on Tuesday, August 16. It is Thursday, August 18 and they arrived at 2:30 pm. A bag of the red Hawiian shrimp came with. Should I put all of them in my aquarium? There are several of them. And also should I wait the 24 hours to feed my new babies as they travelled for 2 days? They are so awesome. I actually cried when I opened their shipping container. This has been a year in the making. I learned alot about water conditions for a salt water tank. I pray I can keep them, alive! Thank you.

Steph Gildone

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