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HELP!!! Should I be setting up for seahorses at al

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    Hello all, I\’ve been trying to get ready for 4 months now. I have a 37 gallon tall, 60lbs of cured live rock, about 2inches of live sand, redsea prizm skimmer, and 3 power heads. My tank has cycled twice now. I was wanting 2 seahorses with aprox 6 other fish (small). I have been trying to stick to the Tank Mate list on this website. My problem is, how do I add any type of saltwater fish, and keep my water current down enough to be able to enjoy my seahorses at peace in they\’re environment. Never mind the fact that every time I think I have found a fish, it\’s not tank raised. It\’s being pulled out of the ocean, and being quarantined for a period of time. Quarantine is no guarantee that the fish is not carrying disease, right? Well, here I am 4 months later, and I have one \"percula clown\", the other was tank raised, but he just got sick, and I took him back to the store (to die I think, I couldn\’t flush the little guy). I\’m becoming rather frustrated here. I thought maybe someone with some hands on experience might be able to give me a clue here. Am I worring to much, and being too picky? All of my live rock is stacked agains the back wall of my tank, and I have a small powerhead behind it set to go off every other hour, and shutting off during dark hours to keep the back substraite clear of debris. My other two power heads are in the front right corners of my tank aimed at the live rock to try and keep them clear of debris. Another question would be how low should I turn the front ones down for my seahorses when I have them? Any direction you may give is greatly appreciated. My skull is getting soar on all these walls.
    Thanks in advance for your asst!



    Hi Seagazer,

    Most of the fish that are seahorse safe will do fine in current that is seahorse appropriate.

    Quarantine is no guarantee but it is about all we have.

    Ocean Rider has Banggai Cardinalfish and Ocellaris Clownfish available. You could get yourself 4 clowns which will form a small harem and a pair of the Banggais if you want to go CB.

    ORA aka Ocean’s Reefs and Aquariums breeds several species of gobies as well as Fridimaini pseudochromas, which would all be fine with seahorses. If you LFS orders from them perhaps you can put in a request.

    As for the current there is no magic number. You want enough current to keep the water moving without blowing the horses across the tank. Directing pump returns at rock is a great way of breaking up the flow. You just sort of have to experiment. I use a hang on the back power filter as well as a pump up at the surface. The return from the surface pump is directed right across the surface, so that it creates aggitation and I get a nice ripple across the water surface.
    You may well find the horses like to play in the current. As long as they are not being blown across the tank, can get to their food and have quiet places to retreat from the current they should be just fine.



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    Thank you Leslie,

    I’m going to check out these suggestions just as soon as my fingers will take me there. I REALLY APPRECIATE the time you took to give me these suggestions. I was really worried about making my seahorses ill by any current. Thank you sooooooo much!



    Your welcome Nick!

    Try not to worry to much CB seahorses are sturdy hearty creatures. Keep reading and asking questions when you are unsure and you will be just fine.


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