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Seahorse Training Program — get certified now!

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    I’m interested, how do we get started?

    Pete Giwojna

    Dear John:

    In order to get started with the seahorse training course, you just need to contact me off list with your full name (first and last), which I need in order to enroll you in the training program. Just send a brief e-mail to the following address, and I will reply and send you the first lesson right away: [email protected]

    The training program is a correspondence course that is conducted entirely via e-mail, so we need to establish e-mail communication in order to proceed. There are 10 separate lessons we will go over that discuss all aspects of the care and keeping of seahorses in the home aquarium in great detail. The training program is completely free of charge, so there are no transactions required whatsoever. We will merely be going over the material in the comprehensive lesson plans until everything is completely clear to you. I will answer any questions or concerns you may have as we go along, and once we begin, I will be working with you personally until your seahorse tank is up and running and you are well-prepared to give your ponies the best possible care.

    Best wishes with all your fishes, John! I hope to be hearing back from you off list shortly so that we can get you started out with the seahorse training.

    Happy Trails!
    Pete Giwojna


    Hi Pete,
    Just following up with my last e-mail. At your earliest convenience I would love to be certified for the seahorse training program. I’ve finished all ten lessons. Whenever you get a chance please e-mail me.
    From, Jocelyn Louie


    Hi Pete, it’s been awhile since my last contact with you. I am now in the process of cycling my 55gal. for horses. How do I finish my certification since I’ve read through the course? Ross

    Pete Giwojna

    Dear Jocelyn & Ross:

    Once you have completed the seahorse training program, all you need to do in order to be certified is to notify me ([email protected]) that you have read and understood all of the lessons, and that you have a suitable seahorse tank ready to receive the seahorses. The way it works is that I personally notify Carol Cozzi and Craig Schmarr, the owner/operators of the Ocean Rider aquaculture facility, as well as the sales department at Ocean Rider, that you have successfully completed the training program and earned your certification. You will receive a copy of that notification at the same time, and you will be authorized to order seahorses at that point. Your official Ocean Rider Training Certificate will then follow within the next day or two.

    If and when you decide to place an order for highly domesticated, High-Health seahorses with Ocean Rider (, don’t neglect the "Special Instructions" or "Comments" section of the online order form. That is the place where you can request seahorses with special traits when you place your order. This includes coloration, gender, or perhaps requesting a pregnant male, if you so desire. The "Comments" section on the online order form is also for any such special instructions you may have regarding your order, such as delivering the seahorses on a specific date. When Ocean Rider subsequently fills your order, they will look over the current crop of seahorses and do their very best to select specimens that meet your specifications from their available livestock.

    Given a choice, Ocean Rider always tries to place their seahorses with knowledgeable hobbyists who are the best prepared to provide them with good care. So be sure to mention that you have completed the Ocean Rider Training Program and earned your certification (that’s what makes you a "Preferred" customer) when you make your comments, and remind them that you have been corresponding with Pete Giwojna to assure that your aquarium will provide optimum conditions for the seahorses. Then point out specifically what you’re looking for in your seahorses. If you want active specimens that tend to swim a lot and explore their surroundings, say so. Or if you want ponies with lots of personality that will interact freely with their keeper, tell them that. If your main goal is to obtain colorful seahorses, then ask for yellow or orange Sunbursts was the most vivid, intense coloration.

    Best wishes with all your fishes!

    Pete Giwojna


    Hi Pete,

    I sent you an email. Can’t wait to get started!


    Hi Pete!
    I’m new to the website, not sure how I’ve missed it in the past with all of my seahorse searches! I currently do not have a saltwater tank set up. I only have an 8gal freshwater (hangs on the wall) with goldfish. In the past I had dwarf seahorses (in a 5gal and 8gal) for about 5 years, and was successful at hatching baby brine shrimp. I recently just purchased a 75gal tank to set up a seahorse tank. I only have a stand and tank till I do more research to get the right equipment. I would love to start the program!


    ~~~ Liz :cheer:

    Pete Giwojna

    Dear Kitty:

    Okay, I received your reply with the additional information off list, and I have enrolled you in the Ocean Rider seahorse training program accordingly.

    By now, you should already have received the first lesson, and we can proceed accordingly. I will answer any and all questions you may have as we go through the materials for all the lessons.

    Best wishes with all your fishes, Kitty!

    Happy Trails!
    Pete Giwojna

    Pete Giwojna

    Dear Liz:

    Okay, that sounds fine! The Ocean Rider seahorse training program is designed for hobbyists in your exact situation, Liz, and I would be very happy to enroll you in the training course as soon as you contact me off list. Just send a brief e-mail with your full name (first and last), which I need for my records, to the following e-mail address, and I will send you a reply, and we’ll be in business: [email protected]

    The seahorse training program is a correspondence course that is conducted entirely via e-mail, so we have to establish e-mail communication in order to proceed. As soon as you receive your e-mail, I will go ahead and send you the first lesson, and we will proceed step-by-step from there.

    Your new 75-gallon aquarium can make the foundation of an outstanding setup for seahorses, Liz, and I will help you to prepare the tank so it creates ideal conditions for your seahorses. We’ll have it up and running, all ready for your first ponies, before you know it!

    Best of luck with the lessons, Liz!

    Pete Giwojna


    I would like to participate, I sent you an email.

    I have not purchased anything yet so this should be great!

    Pete Giwojna

    Dear Akamu:

    Thank you for getting in contact with me off list, sir!

    You are officially enrolled in the Ocean Rider seahorse training program and the first lesson should help you decide which aquarium system is best suited for seahorses as well as your own needs and interests.

    Good luck finding the perfect ponies for your purposes from your local fish stores in Hawaii!

    Happy Trails!
    Pete Giwojna


    Hello Pete,
    I have been keeping marine animals now for years. I have had a great time with my pets.I have a 55 gal reef tank, a 29 gallon reef tank, a 37 bowf reef only tank and now I have a 40 gall with a 20 gal refugium/sump that is set up just for the Sunburst! I am ordering a pair of sunburst from you guys. I have always been interested in keeping seahorses as they are amazing animals. I have set up a tank just for them. Also I have spent the last 3 or so months researching these little guys. I look forward to getting my new family members soon. I cant wait. I would also like to enroll in the training class. You can never learn enough.

    Thanks in advance,
    Joe Renchen

    Pete Giwojna

    Dear Joe:

    A 40-gallon aquarium equipped with a 20 gallon sump/refugium should make an outstanding home for Sunburst seahorses! I would be very happy to enroll you in the Ocean Rider seahorse training program and teach everything you need to know about the care, keeping, breeding and rearing of Sunburst seahorses, but it is a correspondence course that is conducted entirely via e-mail, so we’ll need to establish e-mail communication before we can begin.

    Please send a brief e-mail message to me off list at the following email address, and I will send you the first lesson right away:

    [email protected]

    Best wishes with all your fishes, Joe!

    Happy Trails!
    Pete Giwojna


    Hi Pete,

    I do not have a tank (yet) nor have I ever had a salt water one. I have had fresh water tanks before and the only other animals I have ever owned are dogs and cats.

    I am interested in learning more about getting a tank, what kind, set up and all the ins and outs.

    I live in Arizona and I really am not sure you would be able to ship here as the weather is HOT! Well not all the time but many months.

    My name is Claudia Thomas and my email is [email protected].
    If there is anything else you need for me to get started with getting certified, please let me know.

    I am only looking to have a small tank for sea horses only and maybe a snail or other
    friend them may want.

    I appreciate your time and may GOD bless you.

    Claudia 😉


    Dear Pete

    I am wanting to set up a seahorse tank. I been doing a lot reading on seahorses, and seahorse tanks. I want to go through your training course.

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