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Shipping time?

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    I just ordered 2 sunbursts and 2 pipe fish. I see where I will get them on Friday however today is Tuesday.  How long can they live during shipping?


    AJ Riall

    Pete Giwojna

    Dear AJ:

    When shipping seahorses all the way from Hawaii to destinations on the East Coast, you can expect them to be in transit for up to 48 hours, but that’s not a problem whatsoever.

    I can assure you Ocean Rider seahorses are very well packaged for delivery, AJ.  They come in the same sort of sealed, oxygenated, plastic bags as fish do when you buy them at your local fish store.  These plastic shipping bags are then carefully packed in insulated shipping boxes with plenty of filler to make sure they cannot be jostled around unduly during shipping.  Heat packs or cold packs are also used when appropriate, depending upon the weather conditions and the ultimate destination for the shipment.

    As a result, Ocean Rider has an outstanding track record with such shipments, sir.

    Ocean Rider has been shipping seahorses from Hawaii throughout the continental US since 1998 with no problems, and considering the demographics of this country, the bulk of their customers are on the East Coast.  So I can tell you with the utmost confidence that long-distance, transoceanic, cross-country shipping is normally not a concern whatsoever.  

    In fact, just prior to 9/11 Ocean Rider shipped a number of seahorses to customers in New York and other destinations on the East Coast and throughout the country.  Because all air traffic was grounded for quite some time following the tragedy, some of those shipments were delayed as long as nine days, yet several of those unlucky seahorses still arrived at their destinations alive despite being en route for more than a week longer than normal.  So you need not be concerned that any seahorses you order will be in their shipping bags for a day or two before they arrive at your doorstep in New York, Ryan.  That’s simply not a problem due to the precautions Ocean Rider takes when bagging their seahorses and packaging them for delivery. And, of course, live delivery is guaranteed so you are still covered even in the worst case scenario, sir.

    Here is some additional information regarding the shipments from the seahorse farm, AJ:

    Ocean Rider Shipping Rates & Terms


    You will receive an instantaneous electronic invoice upon submittal of your order using the secure order form which follows. This will be followed by an e-mail from Ocean Rider confirming the arrival day of your package. You will then receive an e mail 24 hours before arrival with the FedEx tracking number so that you may track your package by going to <;
    ·    Ocean Rider does not allow the return of livestock. This is done to protect the lives of the fish and animals which have no chance of survival unless properly packed with oxygen. This is also done to protect the strict quarantine policy at Ocean Rider.
    ·    All Shipping Claims To Be Made Within Seven (7) days of Receipt of Goods.
    ·    You must be home to accept delivery! FedEx requires a signature for delivery. We can ship to your place of work or you can pick up at the FedEx center nearest you! Just let us know!

    Once you receive your package please let us know by e-mail as soon as possible.

    Because our truly tropical, farm raised sea horses are rare, exotic and endangered Ocean Rider takes great care and time in the personalized packaging of your pets. We use very sophisticated packing techniques and only ship FedEx overnight to ensure that your pet has a safe trip.

    Please help us to ensure that your pets have a happy and long life by making sure your tank is cycled before stocking, that your aquarium water quality parameters are within acceptable ranges, and that you follow our acclimation, care and feeding instructions once you receive your pets.Ocean Rider makes every effort possible to keep shipping rates as low as possible without jeopardizing the health of the animals.

    Saturday delivery is available in many locations for an extra $15-$25 fee depending on location. This fee will be charged to your credit card at the time of shipping. Exotic selections will not be shipped for delivery on Saturday.


    ·    You MUST accept delivery of your order immediately upon its arrival. If a delivery is refused for any reason, including not being home to accept delivery, late arrival or damages to the box, the customer will be held liable for the full cost of the invoice plus return freight charges.
    ·    Ocean Rider will not accept future orders from any party that has refused delivery of an OR shipment or that has initiated a credit card chargeback or from anyone that flames or slanders this business.
    ·    There will be a $50.00 accounting charge for chargeback disputes.
    ·    Ocean Rider will not assume responsibility for shipments that are lost or delayed if improper address has been provided on form.
    ·    Cancellation fee is $20.00 or 5 % of the value of the order.
    ·    Saturday delivery is not available in some locations.
    ·    Saturday delivery charge is $15-25.00 depending on location and time of year. This fee will be charged to your credit card the day of shipping.

    Most orders are shipped immediately for arrival on WED, THR, FRI, SAT for East Coast clients and TUE, WED, THR, FRI, SAT for West Coast clients. Please place your order at least 3 days before desired arrival date.

    Fed Ex Priority service will arrive by 1030am in most areas

    Fed Ex Standard service will arrive by 3pm in most areas

    Fed Ex 2 Day service will arrive by 5pm, in most areas, on the same day as Standard and Priority Service arrives on the East Coast and one day later on the West Coast.

    Fed Ex ground service is available for seahorse prints only.


    Ocean Rider® makes every effort to keep the shipping charges as low as possible without jeopardizing the health of your new pets, feeds, and plants. The use of very sophisticated packing techniques using FedEx overnight service guarantees that your pet has a safe trip. Because of our excellent packing techniques and the extreme high health and hardiness of our seahorses you do not have to worry about live arrival because they will ARRIVE ALIVE — WE GUARANTEE IT!!! Terms must be followed exactly to qualify.

    Shipping rates are calculated by the total number of items.

    Average small order: 1 -4 item $25.00

    Average medium order: 5-8 items $45.00

    Average large order: more than 10 items $65.00

    Dry Goods: All dry goods are shipped via Fed Ex 2 day service or UPS ground when purchased separately. Approximate cost is $10.00 for 1 to 3 items

    Shipping charges include handling and box charges and are included in your invoice when your order is placed. However, there may be some minor variations in this fee at the time of shipping depending on your location and items shipped, which will be charged to your credit card at the time of shipping.

    Saturday delivery is available in many locations for an extra $15-$25 fee depending on location. This fee will be charged to your credit card at the time of shipping. Exotic selections will not be shipped for delivery on Saturday.

    Okay, AJ, that’s the story on the travel time, shipping rates, and shipping costs from Hawaii. However, please bear in mind that the shipping and box charges are built into the cost of many of the special offers, so if you order from one of the special packages, there are no additional shipping charges at all.

    Just be sure to acclimate your new Ocean Rider seahorses according to the recommendations when they arrive, AJ, and everything should go very smoothly.

    Pete Giwojna, Ocean Rider Tech Support


    The 2 sunbursts and the 2 pipe fish have arrived!!  They are all in good shape and there were even some red shrimp that I didn’t expect.  Thanks Pete and Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm you all rock!  The seahorse’s are beautiful!  I can’t wait to order some more.



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